WFH — not only for Corona reasons, how to survive this?

Ofer Mark
Ofer Mark
Mar 15 · 3 min read
Photo by Jake Bradley on Unsplash

It has been said that WFH is not for everyone, that it requires discipline, lots of distractions and so on and so forth.

Well, if you’ll play XBOX all day, then of course you won’t be able to make it. But if you do want to make it, here are some tips from my personal experience.

CybeReady is a remote first company.
We spend ~60% of the time WFH on a regular basis.
On top of that, we have employees in Israel, Ukraine, UK and US so we really used to communicate through technology, rather than in person.

Personal tips:

  • Brush your teeth and get dressed. Staying in your pajama is not good for many reasons :)
  • Try not to work next to your spouse, they will never understand what you’re doing all day and as far as they concerned, you’re just refreshing your favorite website over and over
  • Preschedule meals time. If not in your calendar, at least make it clear for you
  • If you need to be with your kids at some point, plan it. You can compensate this time later and giving them 100% focus is important for you both

Professional tips:

  • Communication — use instant messaging platform, but one that all employees are listed and all are connected. We use Slack but there are enough similarities
  • Notifications — all employees must make sure that they get notifications from all the apps that you’re using such as Gitlab/GitHub, Slack, Jira etc. You need to trust this and notify someone about something one time, should suffice
  • Add hangouts link to every meeting that you set (or zoom or whatever but hangouts is OOTB in Google calendar and can be automatically set in admin level)
  • Do your usual dailies, syncs, tech talks etc. — it should still work as it works at the office and probably better than usual
  • Be available during working hours and expect the same from your co workers
  • Acknowledge and suggest to come back ASAP when you’re swamped and it seems like the person who approached you is stressed out
  • If you need someone(s), just chat with them instantly. Act as if you were on the same room/floor/building. We live in an async world so bear that in mind if you don’t get an instant response
  • Putting things in writing is great for future reference and to avoid confusions. I see it as a big advantage and it gives me quite often more time to come back with a better, more educated answer to every discussion
  • When things are not settled and you find yourself in a ping pong game, just make the call and get things straight. Checking availability beforehand is recommended

Sometimes, all the tips in the world will not keep you from this kind of situation like happened below during a BBC interview, so don’t be so hard on yourself, or on others ;)

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