I doomed mankind with a free text editor
Morten Just

What I find most interesting is that the reactions seem to deal in absolutes: when everyone always writes like this than this or that bad thing will definitely happen.

While training as a technical writer the first and last rule of writing we learned was “Consider your audience”. And not just who they are — absolute beginners, fellow subject mater specialists, a general audience — but where they read — leisurely at home, stressed at work, in a loud and greasy garage.

And depending on that, simple language has its place — as has jargon. Jargon is a good way for specialists to communicate a lot of information in a short time between them. But it’s a bad way to explain things to an (mildly) interested public. But even between specialists, the words chosen can often be simpler.

So, if you take all this into account, I wholeheartedly agree with George Orwell.