War of Politics

No one could deny that war has a close relation with politics since a long time ago. There exist one most obvious reason. War is usually defined as the fights between different members of political community. More specifically, internal warfare occurs between different political community within the same country; and external warfare occurs between different political community in different countries. Therefore, politics is an essential part of war topic.

Almost every external wars were declared by the government of a country, which is grouped by politicians. Therefore, politicians can not be ignored when a war is being discussed. What had happened in 1930s is a good example. One important reason of World War II is the governments of Germany, Italy, and Japan are seeking for more territory to accomplish their national interests.

On the other side, politics also has an influence of how would the countries being attacked to react to the war. For example, at the very beginning of World War II, the Republic of China government still involved a civil war with the Communist Party of China. The government of China decide not engaged with Japan in northeast of China. This decision has an impact to the later war progress in Asian. Japan had taken over the northeast part of China for 6 years before the Chinese government has declared war with Japan. There are a lot industrial resource in northeast part of China, like crude oil, iron, and coal. These resource makes Japan even stronger and makes it take longer to defeat Japan. According to the president of China by the time, taking effort to defeat the communist party maybe the best choice for their political interests. However, it’s a bad choice regarding the interests of people of China and people around the world. Politics in the country involved in a war could make the country even worse.

What’s more is that politics could also be the precede reaction for the countries has not directly involved within the war. A good example is the United States in World War II. At the beginning stage of World War II, the United States is not declared war with Japan. However, the government of United States decide to stop selling weapons and other resources to weaken Japan without declare war with Japan.

In conclusion, politics play a really important role in wars. Politics could be the reason of wars. Politics also will influence the progress of the wars. And politics could be a weapon to be used before the real war has began.

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