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Benjamin Caro

I’m a lover and that’s for real ,

A man of my own style,

I speak exactly the way I feel

And it’s always with a smile

I love the ladies of the night

, and the feeling of being free

About to hold those ladies tight

An experience in love with me

There’s more where that came from but I don’t know what I’m doing I’m really new to this really scared really alone I died and came back you’re no I was dead for 2 weeks on the other side and now I’m back here lost my whole family in three weeks two car wrecks and a house fire ended my year only to end up on an operating table in the back here again I’ve written poems and songs for many years and the Nashville Austin Texas everywhere on with the Rich and Famous drug drug abuse and now sober for many years and wondering why am I still here with my dog and I’ve lost everything at all why God why did you send me to this man why did you send me back to this world why can’t nobody write my story I can’t write thank God I can talk to the phone please forgive me God and be with me today and if I do stay on the other side please allow me to live in that beautiful room again forever with my mother and daughter and ex-wife amen Yours Truly Harry fields somebody help me write my story I’ve got 3 movies in me and so for real and on the up-and-up have a nice day

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