Okay, so let’s write. It’s late and I am tired. Saw one movie and a couple of TV shows. Have a ton of things to read and yet I didn’t get into them. Did do a bit of writing, there is that, at least. And now this. Pool filtering system needs work. My place here in the upper room needs attention as well. Tomorrow however I think I’ll slink off to the coffeeshop, read and write a bit before hitting the theatre to catch the latest by Terrence Malik. Today I mostly enjoyed an old Ghibli Studios film from 1991, which might should have never made it over here. Seemed overly long. Only Yesterday. Beautiful art for the most part. Nice tricks with the rain and reasonable facial expressions for the most part but not always. Some on the Lead character I couldn’t stand. But it’s just a thing and there are things like this with actual humans who’re in parts that bother (Read: distract) you from liking them wholly too. So, it’s on that scale and probably insignificant in the big picture. So, never mind, I guess.

This app sucks. I don’t like how when I hit to post it goes to a blank almost screen except for the spinning ‘download’ thigmajig and you just lose patience. And it’s not real clear the set up of posting. It’s too bidden. At least there’s text controls to play with and posting tools to help make a more rich blog post. Don’t know that I’ll use them. I rather enjoy kinja more, as obscure and confusing as that one is. But any blog site that allows you to post from your email seamlessly like WordPress and Blogger, ah! These 2 kick ass!! Hell even Tumblr as easy as that one is, takes a huge steaming dump when it comes to actually consistently putting words down on the page. Can’t say how many times I’ve written an entry from where ever source and the post only holds my title and screwed up hypertext crap I can’t understand at the bottom of the entry. What’s wrong? Can anyone explain this or solve it for me permanently? I’ve no time or patience with this let me tell you. I try living in the present, the one all the underpaid writers working for the corporation’s who try to convince us the present is and the future is supposed to be. It’s lacking, but we’re going to keep trying.

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