A closer look at our Atomic Workflow in action — by the Nordnet design studio
Ross Malpass

Hey Ross Malpass, love your write-ups! I was wondering if your team has figured out a way to include more complex symbols in your Craft Library? As I’m currently finding that to be difficult at the moment.

A good example would be trying to include a Tab Bar symbol that’s comprised of multiple other symbols (selected/unselected states for each tab, for instance). I find that when I attempt to drag that Tab Bar symbol from Craft, the nested symbols aren’t included.

The best I’m able to do is include all nested symbols in the library as well, then grouping all them together with the main symbol, as one item. The problem there is that there doesn't appear to be a way to drag the whole group in from Craft. Instead, it opens a dropdown showing all the grouped items.

Any ideas on how to tackle this?

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