The Original Human Divergence Unifiers — The Switchboard Operator

Artificial Intelligence Divergence Unifiers

There are two predominantly different trains of thought in practice, in the field of Interactive Electronic Communication. A computer showdown , a 
Tête-à-tête between the two viewpoints “Bots are the New Apps” and 
“Apps, are just Old Bots needing a make-over” A War of Apps vs Bots. 
It is not my intention to weigh into the argument as it is covered by many Authors from various fields:

Apps and Bots both have their uses as Divergence Unifiers. 
The ability to assemble various components of tasks and or sources of information and present it to the end users as a solution to their needs.
Each approach APP (application or program) and BOT (application or program) has the capacity to bring together various components of information and tasks from multiple sources into a single or multi-use end result. The concept of Divergence Unifiers is that Information in its many forms, Big Data, Multi-Media and Human Interaction can all be brought together to perform routine tasks Intelligently. 
The evolution of the video game concept put to use as a means and a way of interaction with everything Electronic, with the end result being the gratification factor, except “You Win” every-time.

The Automatic Teller Machine.

The simple example of the ATM interaction, interact with it correctly and you are rewarded with your “Prize” for the successfully executed interaction. 
A suped up Calculator on Electro-Steroids, crunching mathmatical equations maintaining vast numbers of banking transactions, and dispenses your 
“Tangible End Result” your cash.

Artificial Intelligence Divergence Unifiers (A.I.D.U.)

Is a next step forward in the Digital Interaction Experience. 
Presently most Electronic Interactions are in static mode. Static in the sense there is only touch interaction and “Beeps and Boops” as the sound guided response to your actions and rewards. 
The App approach is a, program end result, that program merely needs to have the various in put sources linked to it and it performs its task. 
An autonomic number cruncher and task performer a money dispenser, or as the example below a more personal use as A Spiritual Comforter.

The Bot Approach to the ATM example then allows the infusion of Interactive Artificial Intelligence, with the addition of two other interfaces the 
Speech to Text input engine and then Text to Speech Output engine. Giving you an automated humanoid bank teller in the same box. Interaction through two methods of input by touch and sound. No need for a redesign to a Humanoid Robot. The voice interactions can be limited in its application, in that sensitive information would not need to be spoken. The Bot becomes the over seer of a correct and successful interaction. The Bot then could also be utilized to lead an Informational Session. Not a TV commercial nor a Radio Ad but the Automated attendant giving helpful tips through the interaction. Bank promotional material delivered real time during the interaction as well. Bank and Branch Information such as: “Hey! We have a New Branch Manager, come on in and meet up, and review your services.” Creating an on Brand and In Brand source of and vehicle for In House Advertising and Marketing.

Advanced Smart Kiosks with and without Human Assistance Video Link

There is also enhancement to Security Features and Crime Reduction as the A.I.D.U. Attendant is watching. It’s machine eye is recording the interaction and any spoken or physical clue given by the client an “Emergency Safe Word” and the A.I.D.U. Attendant goes into its emergency response. Triggering, Law Enforcement or Medical Attention as the situation may dictate. Robo-Cop is on duty as a component to its basic features of Automated Teller Machine.

There is a lot of useful potential to the A.I.D.U. Attendant model. It is merely a matter of thinking creatively and bringing into being. A convergence that has not yet been done or enhances an existing service in ways that it enhances the interaction to the benefit of the user “in more ways than one” though a Happy Customer is a Repeat Customer.