The Fall of The Left

Many would regard 2016 as the worst year to be left wing. The UK left the European Union riding on a wave of populism and America elected Donald J. Trump as president of the United States of America.

These two outcomes were both bitterly opposed by the left, yet despite their pleas to the people, the people voted for them regardless. This article will attempt to explain why and detail what will historically be known as the fall of the left.

In the past, left wingers triumphed free speech and in the western world were very much the underdogs of the political arena. Their key mantra;

“I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight for your right to say it.”

Freedom of speech is among the most virtuous of virtues bestowed upon the peoples of western civilization. The absence of which is almost always correlated directly with tyranny or oppression, from Mao to Stalin. We can look to many of the most tyrannical regimes and almost uniformly they will all share one thing in common, they maintain their tyranny by opposing freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech provides the people of a nation the means to express ideas freely. Ideas that are antithetical to the well being of the majority will find themselves unpopular naturally without intervention, people must be allowed to express opinions that are offensive in a free society. They must then be engaged with and defeated by the pen, by words. Not with violence.

A small minority may hold appalling ideas, but in the marketplace of ideas you will seldom find people gravitating to that which is immoral in fantastic numbers.

This is due to the fact that we as human beings gravitate to that which makes our lives simpler, more enjoyable and that we believe is morally right. Ideas that are immoral and are a detriment to the human experience and our collective ideas of morality are doomed to fail.

Freedom of speech allows us to make up our minds about the world around us and is very closely tied to freedom of thought.

That which we are not allowed to say, we are not allowed to think. When one’s freedom of speech is suppressed, one must imply that those who do not wish us to speak in addition do not wish us to think that which is forbidden.

Therefore restriction of speech and restriction of thought are one in the same.

The left began to fall when it became an enemy to the concept of free speech, going against this fundamental pillar of western civilization.

Economically the left has been on a losing streak for quite some time now. Most of the left wing governments in the western world are in fact liberal governments and not truly left wing in the traditional sense of a planned economy in line with truly Marxist principles. This is because all over the western world we still primarily operate via a market economy. This is something the left have tried to change for a long time.

The social democratic systems of western Europe have provided its people with free healthcare and a myriad of social protections and benefits funded by taxation. It seemed there were little to no caveats of this system to the people of the west, at least for a while.

Eventually these systems became unsustainable. Globalization endowed companies the ability to escape the chains of taxation in their home countries and began to seek methods to escape crippling taxation policies. Policies which made them unable to compete in a viciously competitive market.

Jobs were outsourced, from the factory worker to the computer programmer, everyone was hit, but it was mainly the working class that faced the largest burden. The same working class that was told that if they voted in the left wing guy who promised them all the free stuff in the world, that their lives would improve instead found themselves poorer.

Globalization had created fantastic wealth for a few wealthy corporate executives and the political meat-puppets whom they bought out and made into millionaires, but the small business owner, the worker were all left behind.

And this is why the left has failed. It’s beautifully simple and yet so elusive for the metropolitan liberal elite to see. They failed because they didn’t deliver. They failed because they had forgotten to actually help the working class rather than simply talk about it.

They failed because the people felt betrayed by the left. As left wing leaders became millionaires their standards of life were receding into the abyss.

“You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it.”
-Hillary Clinton during her 2016 presidential Campaign

The infamous basket of deplorables comment is a good starting point to understanding why people so strongly rejected Hilary Clinton.

People all over the west have slowly grown extremely frustrated by what is perceived as a left wing tactic of shutting down an opponent by portraying them as a racist.

It is a clever tactic in many ways, nobody wants to be known as a racist. Racism is ugly and toxic.

The problem is when you frequently call people racist who are genuinely not, you not only alienate them, but generate massive anger and frustration, after a while.

The meaning of racist slowly evolved from being a member of the KKK or a white supremacist; to simply being a conservative or libertarian.

Suddenly being a conservative was synonymous with being a racist. This is of course ludicrous, but it is a belief that exists genuinely in the minds of many misguided left wing students and tragically many adults alike.

The idea that holding conservative beliefs makes you a racist makes it very dangerous to be associated with the right wing and it hurt the right wing for a very long time.

It was in many ways an ingenious if not an insidiously evil spin tactic by left wing leaders, associating racism with right wing beliefs. It worked for a long time; however it would come back to haunt them in 2016, for 2016 was the year that chicken came home to roost.

People saw the entire media establishment peddling this line. That Trump supporters were racist. It was supposed to be a curse so toxic anyone who would even think of supporting Trump would recede into oblivion, for shame is a powerful thing. A powerful weapon against an enemy. A powerful silencer.

But shame was not the emotion that people felt when this rhetoric was espoused. Instead people felt anger. The people felt lied to, betrayed by a media they trusted to deliver news. To deliver truth and knowledge, the facade was revealed.

Everybody knew Clinton was corrupt, she was extremely well funded and had every single major institution behind her from wall-street to tech giants to billionaires around the world.

She had grown enormously rich under incredibly suspicious circumstances. She was in many ways a horrendous candidate, however in their sheer arrogance the DNC decided to put her forward, they thought a Trump opposition would be easy, they thought their spin was infallible, they were wrong.

Almost every single establishment weapon was aimed at Trump with even high ranking republican figures openly condemning him it seemed the world was against him; however he possessed a Trump card.

The whole country of the United States of America hated the establishment. They had come to loathe the media who spent all its time calling them racist for raising their concerns of their communities by wealthy metropolitan liberal newscasts. They were furious at them for their shameless lies and manipulation.

Everyone could see the entire establishment hated Trump. He was being attacked from every corner by every single major figure. He was a pariah on the global establishment stage and he too frequently displayed his loathing for them, a testament that garnered him the image of a maverick. Trump had tapped into a deep and powerful human reaction to opposition.

“The enemy of my enemy, is my friend”

Trump was elected not because people loved his policies. Trump was elected because people came to despise the establishment.

They came to despise the attempts at silencing their thoughts and their words, they came to despise the condescending virtue signalling of the rich and famous, whom live in a world completely devoid of the consequences of liberal policies on immigration and others. Their true enemy was exposed, they came to see it was the establishment, the media and the liberal metropolitan elite.

Trump’s election was an incredible rejection of the Obama era but ultimately an incredible rejection of the entire political and general left wing establishment itself. A rejection so bitter many are unable to even comprehend its implications, its cause or even origins.

But it was not the election that lead to the fall of the left. The fall of the left began after the election.

Rioting, violence and pure chaos ensued following the election of Trump. The mask of the so called compassionate, peaceful and tolerant left dissipated completely before our eyes. What was once a slip of the mask transpired into the mask falling to the ground. The intolerance, violence and hatred of the left, that many had suspected was underneath the mask all along, was finally seen.

Berkeley Riot in 2016 following Trump’s Election. Video from Paul Joseph Watson

The true face of left wing tenets were exposed, and what a horrific sight it was to behold. Like a deranged child, the collective left erupted into an uncontrollable rage.

Rioters and so called “anarchist” thugs completely trashed neighborhoods. Businesses were destroyed and people were attacked. Trump supporters were assaulted. The violence was justified in the eyes of the instigators as Trump supporters were allegedly “Nazis” and “Fascists”.

Unfortunately the irony seemed to escape them, that by very definition they had themselves become the fascists and the Nazis.

A moderate left leaning liberal witnessing the terrible atrocities unfolding by the left may have many internal questions to ask themselves. Is this a side I can in good faith associate myself with. Do I agree on suppressing speech and thought? Do I agree with violence against those whom I disagree with?. Isn’t violence against those I don’t agree with fascism, “Am i on the right side?”.

For many on the left this answer will be no, it is this answer that will lead many moderate left wingers to question what the left stands for, and for some it will encourage them to leave the faction entirely. It is ultimately this question that I believe is why millions of people leave the left every single day.

Can the left recover? I don’t believe so.

The fundamental problem of the left is that its foundations are built upon ideas that have no basis in reality.

“The left has an enemy, and it is not the right wing. The left’s real enemy is reality itself.”

-Mr. House

Economically left wing ideologies have failed all over the world in every single country they have been tried with the only exceptions being the capitalist market economies with welfare systems such as in Europe, but these systems have failed to sustain themselves and have had to or will have to radically alter their welfare systems to survive.

It is no secret that western Europe is confounded with debt, debt which is passed on to the next generation and which is the result of promises of free stuff the left wing parties used to buy votes from the people. The European union is incredibly unpopular among the people of Europe and will almost certainly collapse within the coming decades as debt and stifling bureaucracy inevitably lead the people to give the EU the boot in a similar fashion as the Brits did in 2016.

Western Europe has abandoned socialism, with Great Britain’s extremely unpopular Labour party lead by a far left socialist set to be almost certainly out of power for at least 10 years leading the UK to be a one party state for the foreseeable future.

The left is in global crisis as they have failed economically, the socialist and communist experiment has failed and nobody wants to try it again. Socialist Venezuela has become a failed state with many starving and hunting cats and mice to survive. Events that are surprisingly not covered by mainstream media, however leak into the public mindset via the alternative media outlets which are increasingly replacing them.

The one power the left has held, and one they abused thoroughly throughout the presidential campaign was their stronghold of the media and popular culture; however with the advent of the new media, social media and alternative news platforms this power has become next to useless and is almost completely and universally ignored, a shocking statistic reveals only 6% of people believe the mainstream media.

It is my belief we are witnessing the final hours of left wing ideology. The left will have to evolve in order to survive however they will have to evolve so radically they will become completely unrecognizable as left wing in any sense we would think of as left wing today.

The center ground has shifted a standard deviation to the right, the ball is now in the park of the right wing and in the hands of Donald J. Trump. We are witnessing a conservative renascence all over the western world.

The left has fallen, this election was all or nothing. All in. The stakes had never been so high. If the left had won, that would have been it for the right.

It was winner takes all, and the left lost.

I am Mr. House.

Thank you for Reading.

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