23 December 1793, France — Battle of Savenay

It is a while since the French Revolution began and a lot has changed. It takes time for people to accept change.

Some adapt, and some don’t. Some like the new age and some fight against it. Today the Republicans will end the fight. They will win against the Armée Catholique et Royal. During the night, we surrounded their town so the battle can start in the morning.

I thought back why all this is necessary. The war, the pain, the mass executions. I’m a fighter who does what he is supposed to do. Still, I think that some things are over the top. Executions, exterminations, furious battles. No mercy for anyone. Not for kids, not for women, not for the elder. Be on the right side or die.

I don’t understand it, but it might be out of my scope. Maybe all this is necessary for a better world? At least, that is what they tell us. But do they understand, or is there a hidden agenda?

The first wave of the French Revolution brought significant change. The monarchy is down, but who or which institution takes its place? Too many questions. Let’s continue what we are good at, fighting.

It is just after dawn when the war begins. Short after noon it is over. We win.

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