31 December 1751, Paris — Dinner with Giacomo Casanova

Giacomo, I need some advice from you, please. I have a friend who has no luck with woman. Can you give me some advice that I can help him?

Sure, but it is strange, my dear friend, that we always need luck with woman. We are anyway unhappy with and without them. Maybe for some, it is not the destiny to have luck with women. Or maybe they are looking for the wrong ones.

Every one of us sends a particular kind of invisible energy. A tune, like an instrument. Sometimes two don’t fit together. They may even be the same type, but still do not fit together. One sounds charming and wooden. The other one hard and tinny. Together they sound horrible.

Each instrument is unique as we are. Some sound good in an orchestra and some sound marvellous, but in solos only.

Your friend needs to find out what kind of instrument he is. What are his strengths and what his weaknesses. Is he soft or hard, weak or strong, helpful or needy … You know what I mean. The next question is if he sounds better alone. If yes, then tell him to stop searching and get some hookers to satisfy his lust. Searching with a bursting ballbag is tough. He only has boobs and vaginas in his brain and will take everything. So, first tell him to calm down. Maybe one day he will still find his instrument.

If your friend is sure, he is not a solo instrument he might have searched for the wrong one. We always tend to strive for what we can’t have, but miss what is right in front of us. Once again it is important to love ourselves first. How should someone love you when you can’t love yourself? Then stay open.

Tell him not to give in to the pressure of society that every man needs a woman. Most of the time best things happen when you let all the pressure go.