Case Study 4: Vedantu — Assignment 3

Social — Use social platform here I would prefer Facebook and Linkedin to promote my product. Facebook as most of the people use FB use it for relaxing purposes

Pro : The advantage is that it gives you an opportunity to create the right buzz and do a targeted marketing. Another advantage is the ability to scale things fast in terms of creating brand awareness and building pipeline

Cons: If we want to do a targeted marketing we need to do paid marketing which can be an expensive proposition

SEO Content on the home page should capture the details of the business vision, values what and how Vedantu is trying to do.
 Focus on using the relevant keywords to ensure that the SEO ranking improves. Start this activity much in advance as it takes upto 3 months for the results to start showing

Pro :It is free of cost and is a great way to drive your traffic

Cons: It takes time and a lot of effort to drive the SEO campaign and one cannot see immediate results

Offline Activities : Where is our target audience available — School 
 So distribute brochures and news papers insert to create brand awareness
 Now once we have done that then where else can we find them — Malls — create am interesting theme based interactive session to draw the parents and kids to your stall. 
 In addition take permission from the school during the PTM and set up a kiosk. Most of the parents will listen to you as you would be addressing their relevant pain point at that instance and the chances of sign ups are very high. You could also do a strategic partnership with the school by offering a few free sessions in a group.

Pro :The advantage is that you get to personally speak and explain to the parents about your product. Later you can actually leverage on this network to ask them to refer you to their friends and families. This is a good way to increase the reach by word of mouth which is what everyone aspires for Cons — You can only reach out to few customers at a time . It is an expensive activity as it is a paid thing

Tie-ups Do strategic alliances with the best book seller Do a cross promotion activity with them by saying we shall recommend your books , you recommend us. 
 You can also look at doing corporate tie ups as that is where most of working parents can be found and they would relate to this particular solution as it is meeting all the four values that Vedantu stands for

Pro :The option of reaching out to right audience is huge

Cons: Down side is that the mails also may land up in the trash if people don’t bother to read it

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