An answer on GOD: Its YOU.

Imagine a Space in the Universe.

Imagine yourself in the outer space. A space which has no time and space defined. Its a glossolalia of unending hyper reality and you are just what you are right now. Just assume that you can’t be destroyed by anything.And you are ageless.You are all there is and everything else is this space.

You stay alone trying to understand what is happening ,who and where you are. You wish you were sitting on your couch watching a flix. But no,nothing happens, you stay in that cosmos.

Visualize it as a massive antiprison. Your natural instinct is to escape a prison. But what if you are in a situation completely opposite.

Do you wait for God to do something? Wait for someone else to give you the answers?

But there is nothing else.No one.No God.There might be, there could be.There should be?

So you try to explore this space.You map the space as much as you can.But you are no match for what it all there is.

Now you try further. You try to understand it. Every body,every particle, every light. But its unimaginable knowledge.You are no match for it. Your brain is not for this.

So you go mad,literally losing your sane self. It breaks you down both psychologically and physically.You go thoughless and then beyond.For 100s of years you stay mad.

In this abyss for eternity you have lost your mind. But no. How can this be!

You gain control and become conscious.You try again. This all is just infinite for you and you can’t handle it.

You go mad again! You break all rules of extreme madness and completely trip over your own understanding. You soon loose your mind and soul in this ultra hyper timespace reality.You go in the depths of madness and spend thousands of years in this craziness. Millenias pass by and you wake up. Soon realizing the importance of this place.

So you become conscious again.And now you start studying.Making your own laws and principles in your head. Your own methods and ideas and definitions. Assuming you developed calculus,general relativity and quantum computing would be just a particle in the sand showing your understanding.

All of this will eventually give you power over reality.You would understand singularity. You will be able to comprehend everything.You will become the one! The GOD! The ultimate being! Or something like that maybe.

Then is when you would travel through space and time and back to your millenia old planet Earth in the same time. The same old place you left wanting to watch a flix.

But now you see all others with hatred.People with ignorance and clogs.Stuck in the realms of system and society. Wasting time.You know they are blind.

And so you try to uplift this place but in vain.They are now still themselves and you were always you. Its not your work. You don’t carry the weight of others!

So you leave.This place is just dust and sand compared to what is out there.The true eternal bliss of consciousness and awakening.The starflare of the hyperreal is what needed to be known.

So when you realize it.

Then is when you see “IT”!

It has, that all has ever been,has been just you yourself.

All of it is just you.

And this is what it all is.

Power of Life!

Power of Individual!

Your True Self.