How can school children contribute to national development?

This article was written for NCERT’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat Essay Competition.

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What can Aatmanirbhar Bharat even mean to kids — most of whom aren’t aatmanirbhar themselves, to start with? Not surprisingly, it is this pandemic that has given us some of the most crucial answers to this question. Over the past several months, the world rolled almost helplessly into the tyranny of this crisis — and as nations, states, and cities fell into its suffocating grasp, kids were one of the worst-hit.

And as children were trapped into their own homes — the world began to realize that a mere lockdown…

A Chronicle of Stagnant Changes

Down the year, the obligatory rituals imposed by Coronavirus, have slowly become merely ceremonial. Looking at myself, it is clear that I am not washing my hands as religiously as I was during the early days of the onset of this virus.

With a slightly deeper reflection, I now acknowledge that it’s not just about washing hands — I have become ignorant of this pandemic itself.

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An Overview

You use the internet to assure yourself of the existence of the other people like you.

The first thing I did was to go to Google Trends and investigate what the issue really is…

An inside account of Class 10 — and it’s ‘happy’ ending!

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CBSE Boards ended this 18th of March, hardly a week ago (although the test on 20th for an optional subject was postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak), and I am really happy about it. Not only because they are finished and I am pretty free now (which I am not), but because it has left behind a lasting impression on me — it had left behind a different and perhaps, a better me!

Now when I look back, more than the examinations themselves, it were the days preceding it that I remember more.

So, here’s why I feel Class 10…

Fake News isn’t a Small Deal.

Source: New Scientist

A close friend of mine forwarded me a message on WhatsApp, which claimed that WhatsApp was going to shut down, and the Indian Government would soon charge people money for further use. It instantly seemed totally absurd, yet my friend wasn’t convinced when I mentioned that it’s Fake News.

And he had a reason to believe in it — he had received the same news from a dozen people already.

Quite a bad option — Morally, and Democratically.

This is an article from June, 2019.

India had its General Elections, this April-May. Discussing about it in my tenth grade classroom, I was surprised to see that many teenagers, who were going to cast their vote in the next elections, were quite determined about going for NOTA.


NOTA — None of the Above

NOTA (None of the Above) is the Choice given to voters, to vote against all the contesting candidates — showing complete disapproval of all the candidates, without violation of secrecy of their choice.

Why even?

The purpose of NOTA is to make elections more democratic — free and fair. There are often instances where…

How communication distinguishes us from other forms of life.

Humans think. Humans ask. Humans tell. What’s fundamental to our humane existence, is the ability to have a systematic method of communication.

Language is our way of communication. It is not only about speaking, but about every way we transmit information. It can be a symbolic language, a sign language, a morse code, or even a computer programming language. Its not just about Humans, but about life in general.


Communication is a Universal Trait


Animals communicate a lot. Ants and dogs may use Pheromones; birds, apes, frogs and dolphins may make sounds; some frogs may signal with colors; chimpanzees may pass facial gestures; while honeybees…

Find and Join Locals Groups to Socialize and Learn New Things!

LocalLink is an application that allows people to find other people who share their interests and collaborate with them. LocalLink allows them to search for groups in their city and/or locality, join them, and communicate with them with ease. Made with AppInventor (and Fusion Tables at core), LocalLink is partially community — driven, and has several safety features.

Why did I make this?

I have always been a very unsocial person, with actually no friends in the Neighborhood.

TL;DR: All Elements weren't ‘Discovered’, The Cosmic Relation & The Limits!

Source: Digital Art

So, in the Previous story, we observed the way elements were discovered, and ended up on this question.

Why is the interval in the number of protons in successive elements in the Periodic Table ALWAYS 1?

This story is about looking deeper into this question, about why things are the way they are.

Well, it does seem that Elements had such a uniform arrangement, once we discovered all of them. Discoveries started out randomly, and then finally, everything assembled into order.

All Elements were not ‘Discovered’

The major reason we asked about the uniformity of the Periodic table was the assumption that things were discovered…

April and May 2018

Hello Readers, thank you so much for being with Technifity! Technifity was a dream venture for all of us — with a vision to share knowledge and facts with the entire world! We started of on 22 April, and have got really positive response since. Though we aren’t able to post on a much Frequent Basis due to our High School Study Schedule, we try our best to keep our readers informed, and have successfully received more than 400 minutes of reading in the past month.

Here is April and May 2018 in review.

The Fun They Had: Review from a Technological View→

Chaotic Discoveries to Assembled Organization.

Source: VideoBlocks

Ever wondered, why, our Periodic Table is in such Uniformity? Why is it that we have exactly ALL the elements with atomic numbers 1 to 118? Since the atomic number of an element is just the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom of that element, we can say

Why is the interval in the number of protons in successive elements in the Periodic Table ALWAYS 1?

What this means is, why don’t we have Elements at random spaces in the Periodic Table? Why isn’t it like that the elements have non-serialized and non-uniform Atomic Numbers, like 1…

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