Litecoin — A refined Logo

Litecoin enters a new era in its evolution as a global cryptocurrency

Big news! The Litecoin Foundation, a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to advancing the awareness and adoption of Litecoin, has recently updated its brand guidelines for the Litecoin community. This guideline refines the current Litecoin logo and provides several color schemes to support both the evolution of the Litecoin cryptocurrency as well as its vision for the future. As mentions here, the different logos are free to use without restriction, keeping in tradition with open source nature of Litecoin.

This new look represents an exciting time in Litecoin’s history as it symbolizes new ambitions and the relentless drive to become globally adopted. In the past 7 years, Litecoin has seen tremendous growth in areas such as network security, exchange liquidity, merchant payment processes, merchant count and currency usage. It’s one of the very few coins to have been launched fairly without any premine that’s also naturally built a large global community over time. It’s vision as the “Silver to Bitcoin’s gold” has played a significant role in this growth with the original silver logo helping to maintain this unique position within the market.

As Litecoin now enters the mainstream space, this narrative will inevitably evolve like money has evolved over time. Today, the new Litecoin blue logo captures this next evolution which will expand Litecoin to even greater depths never seen before.

The payment choice for the world

Litecoin’s focus has always been to compliment Bitcoin as a payment system. In fact, because Bitcoin is the ultimate store of value it tends to become difficult as a medium of exchange. Even with the implementation of Lightning Network which is an off-chain scaling solution, Bitcoin is still unable to cater for the whole global population as a worldwide payment system. This is where Litecoin steps in.

Litecoin aims to compliment Bitcoin as the payments choice for the world; whether it be through on-chain with its faster and cheaper fees or off-chain with the introduction of Atomic Swaps on the Lightning Network. With this fundamental new purpose, Litecoin aims to be at the forefront of mainstream adoption alongside Bitcoin to push for a future in which people can freely transfer value without needing financial banks or institutions in the way. The new tagline ‘Take control of your money and pay with Litecoin’ is the first step towards this new ambition and drive. It grants homage to what a cryptocurrency stands for — which is bringing economic freedom to the world and self-sovereignty to people.

As a result, an independent and talented team ‘The Tokens Agency’ have created the new Litecoin logo to embody this new ethos. The design goal aimed to better match how Litecoin looks to its values and the community it serves. Compared with silver, the lighter blue is cool and refreshing. It’s modern, more trusted and user friendly. It still contains the spirit of the original, but, it’s an evolution and one that can scale across all platforms and have a global appeal (which the silver was hard to do). The italic font is deliberately clean, modern, and light.

Robbie Coleman, from The Token Agency shares his thoughts regarding the new design below:

The response to the Litecoin brand evolution has been incredible. As more people get exposed to it — and specifically the blue version we created for the UFC sponsorship — it has became apparent that the distinctiveness of the blue logo is well liked. For us, the blue illicits the notion of ‘trust’, which the community on reddit identified as important for Litecoin. It’s also the colour of calm and serenity, and as such inspires a feeling of security and safety. Plus it pops as an icon in wallets and on exchanges!

With this refined new look, it will allow Litecoin to stand out in the emerging and developing markets where cryptocurrencies will aid and assist the many individuals, merchants and businesses to choose economic freedom.

Join the revolution now with Litecoin!