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Oct 26, 2018 · 3 min read

A Series of Rapid Design & Branding Concepts Based on Random ideas.

The Sk/tch (Sketch/Pitch) Design Series is a weekly series exercise in which we explore the creative process of Brand Development & Logo Design. It’s goal is to showcase and improve on the conceptualizing of design and brand concepts in the frame of a shortened and limiting time frame. Given no more than a random description, or a vague business name or idea, each initial design or brand concept takes no more than a half hour (30 minutes) to conceptualize and create. It’s an exercise in speed, communication and most importantly, creativity. So, First up:

LiTTle Tokyo | Creative Studio

LiTTle Tokyo is a Creative Studio in Trinidad & Tobago which creates, sells and promotes media and products based on and inspired by Japanese Pop Culture. This includes Anime, Manga, Figurines, Music, Clothing, Events & More all based around Japanese Pop Culture.

This Design came to me while looking up Custom Vinyl Figurine Molding Methods &Techniques and I came across a number of videos with Toys and Action Figures of Anime related/ inspired designs. I just though how cool it would be to have a company that licenses (maybe even create their own) popular anime and manga properties and make cool products and merchandise right here on our own shores. Thus, LiTTle Tokyo was created.

I wanted something simple and straight forward, clean and direct. the typeface is straight and clean, thick, bold and clear. The color palette that was chosen for the design is that of both country’s (Trinidad & Tobago & Japan) Flags (Red White & Black for Trinidad, Red & White for Japan). The red son is also illustrated in the word Tokyo, replacing the two Os (another nod to the Japanese National Flag). The Uppercase Ts in the word Little is meant to represent Trinidad & Tobago, as it is usually referred to or abbreviated as TT (or more often times TnT). Below are a couple of additional Design & Branding Concepts.

Little Tokyo Color & Layout Variants.
Logo Image Promo Sample Mock-Up | Original Image via Enrico Studios

So there We have it…

Part one (1) of the Sk/tch Design Series has come to an end. Let me know what you think of the concept. Was the Idea a good one? Was the Messaging clear? Did the Design fit the initial Brand Concept well? Sound off below, your critique, it means a lot to hear what you guys have to say. Also, if you like the idea of this series, you can participate and share your own. Give it a try and see what you come up with. Tag your work on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #sktchseries and start the conversation. Or share your recommendation or ideas below for another Sk/tch Concept Design, I’d be glad to do one you guys suggest.

You can also Follow Me on Instagram & Twitter, where I mostly post Illustrations & Design. Thanks for checking out the Sk/thc Design Series. Hope you guys enjoyed, ‘til next time!

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