Dear Happiness

Dear Happiness,

I tried finding you

In the lengths of my travel

To the ends of the earth

And to cities beautiful

But maybe I didn’t book my tickets to the town you call home

I tried finding you

In the ocean waves

That washed my face

As I navigated their turquoise blue

But maybe I didn’t cross enough seas

I tried finding you

In the valleys

With their green pastures

And the shepherds and the sheep

But maybe I didn’t climb enough hills

I tried finding you

In my glass of wine

Rocking in my chair

Watching the sun go down

But maybe I didn’t gulp enough drinks

I tried finding you

In the friends I made

The dances we shared

And the many suppers we ate

But maybe I didn’t enough acquaint

I tried finding you

In the eyes of my lover

As he held my hand

And we took vows at the altar

But maybe I didn’t know what forever meant

I tried finding you


Until I had no more places to go

So I screamed your name

From atop my roof

But you never came

Tired, I slid into my bed

Furious at your elusive ways

All this while

I hope someone had told me

To look inside my own heart

That’s where you stay

And you are a choice I make