When Jim erased his memory & instead got all fucked up!!!

When Jim Carrey erased his memory, somehow undoing the things which have already happened, just to have a restart at life.

Yes I am talking about the movie ‘Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind’. Those who have seen the movie they would already know what a beautiful & a fairy-tale ending it had.

Even if you snatch their memories away, even if you make them forget who they were, they’ll still find each other & will continue with their everlasting gooey romance.

What a perfectly shaped illusionistic story!!

How the hell is that scientifically plausible??


Is this just a mother of coincidences??


Yet again there is a reason for everything after all…….

1.) You are not the Master of your own decisions. (Say what!!)

No matter how rationally you think about which color candle will go with the cake, the answer is always the same. PINK!! Because guess what, you like pink. Your decision is already made & you are just convincing yourself to find a logic behind it.

Your decisions are not made rationally, rather emotionally. And we just use our rationale to farce a logical image of ourselves so that we don’t come out as fools.

We are forgetting that we don’t decide based on some information. People don’t make decisions based on truth or facts. We don’t spend our money based on data.

We run on feelings.

Ever encountered a situation where you already like a person even before they have opened their mouths. They haven’t even done anything to make you like ’em. It’s all emotional. What clicked about him in you and what not. You pre-decided everything just by looking at him. Now we can acknowledge the importance of making cordial relationships with others & stop crying for why the boss picked him over me when I was the clear choice.

We are emotional beings & whether you like it or not, our every little decision is made on emotions & mood only.

2.) We are doomed to make those same mistakes again :-\

If you regret about something in your life & wish life would have been different if I could just erase those moments, well guess what, it doesn’t matter.

You’ll make those same mistakes again & again.

Our mind is not a machine or a robot that can be programmed. Unlike a machine, we can’t just undo some actions & redo the past so that we can have a better future. We can’t tell our minds the exact steps to be followed.

There are variances, quirks, flaws in all of us which in turn determine our authentic uniqueness. And in order to shape our personality, qualities & values we need experiences!

You wish you can negate those bad experiences, but you’ll make those bad decisions again. Because that’s how you grow, that’s how you learn. Nothing is wired by birth.

We all make some choices & How do we make ‘em? What are the factors?

The factors are everything. Your experiences growing up, your personality, your surroundings, your parenting, parents, friends, the people you are surrounded with. And with all this you make a choice, and it fails. Then you learn, you remember, you correct it to never to repeat it again. And that’s how humans evolve.

You scratch your brains out & curse yourself. Why did I let her betray me or why did I have to order that bad sandwich again. It’s Okay. It all counts. That’s how you become a better version of yourself. You grow. You remember. You learn.

Erasing one’s mind of all the memories just to have a head-start at life will only make you go back to square one. You are just going to make those choices again. Because that’s who you are, and it can be altered by experiences only & by remembrance of those experiences!!