Self Made Religion — Social media war against terrorism.


When entire world was blaming each other’s religion for every count of heart beat stopped and all the blood flown, not realizing that they all had the same colour of blood. People where talking about humanity but forgot to practice it. People where talking about brotherhood but forgot its essence.

Violence, cruelty, inhumanity, or terrorism whatever you name it, was spreading every corner of the world destroying lives of millions of innocents. And the one who has to stand together against the terrorism was busy defending their religion from being blamed. It is when the four youth saw the truth and realised that the act of terrorism is not defined in any religion while people of religion are fighting against each other. As majority of the terror attacks is believed to be Islamic motive, people missed to see the attacks happened in the much said Islamic countries. If any religious book preached the act of terrorism then why the people of same holy book would kill each other. This very question stroked their minds and they together named the act of terrorism as self-made religion (#selfmadereligion) strongly believing that terrorism has got nothing to do with any religion, It is their self-made religion filled with inhumanity and cruelty.

#Selfmadereligion was a small initiation as social media campaign by four active and socialist youth , but now it’s slowly turning into a brand that is attracting many partnering organisation to join the campaign , the campaign is considered to be an ethical approach toward unethical and misleading ideology.
“Revolution yet begins and will flow soon to like-minded people” said the four pillars of the campaign , Mrinal Jha , Mohammed Ashil , Asfaque Hussain and Neetu Bhatiya.