Democrats can’t have both
Brooke Butler

So, some things Brooke. Part of your rant is the reason why the white working class run to the party that does not speak to them, has nothing to offer, other than to protect their guns and tell them they’re good patriots, even as they snuff out government spending for their kids’ education and their families’ healthcare.

Because, Brooke, I tell you this honestly: the Democratic party does not speak to whites. They speak to Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, immigrants, LGBT and women — every schism of diversity. But they ignore 25% of the American voting public. So, I was fascinated by your alter-universe explanation of the Democrat’s clinging to white supremacist ideology, when in fact, white males are the last people the Dem’s acknowledge.

And how un-enlightens of you, to stereotype and castigate white working people as generally, racists and white supremacists. Really? — it’s like classifying all blacks as inner city crack ho’s wait’n on their welfare check. Both, depictions are wrong.

As is your continual histrionics in uploading historical events that happened 50–150 years ago to explain this so-called neo-racism that’s keeping black folks back — BS. Though strains of those horrid times may still remain, and yes, we are vigilant of the gerrymandering and ID laws that try to restrain black voters, I reject your claim that the Democratic party is in any way, shape or form associative of White supremacy. Just don’t see it.

What you don’t take into account is that African Americans are the fastest growing economic power in the US. More college grads, more corporate jobs, higher income. I work in corporate America, and I am happy to seem quite a few black faces in HR, IT, Sales and Administration.

And, I have been listing to the Black lies too…you know, the ones that make excuses for ignoring the plight of urban blacks. 4'500 dead, mostly young black men. Kids recruited out of elementary school by gangs, then there course of life leads them to prison and or, death. Generations marched off to be incarcerated. 70% of the male black population in jail, on parole or with a felony conviction. More tragic, elderly black pensioners who are terrified to step on the street lest some gang banger or crack head targets them for what little cash they have.

And how about the college athletic programs that suck in and spit out black kids, making billions on their effort on the field, but leave them without a degree but a lifetime of injuries and unemployment.

I suggest you go talk to the black moms working two jobs and trying to keep their precious kids out of harms way; away from drugs, out of gangs and keep them in school and ALIVE. Ask them if some poor white miner in West Virginia, or farmer in Kentucky is holding them back. Would love to be there when you hear their reply.

And where’s the help from the black community there? Seems if you can’t blame on the Government, or whites, the problem doesn’t exist.

And as I white Democrat, I can assure you that the Democratic party is hostile to whites, and in particular, white men. I know because I have been in the party of my 60-years.

African Americans say there are no black faces in a Tea Party crowd. Fair enough. Please find me the white faces at a Hillary Gathering, or, really for most any Democratic rally or meeting. Where are the Joe Six Packs? Hmm.


Well, Brooke, your mastiff above is the reason. The term ‘white’ is anathema in the Democratic Party. The term ‘White Male’ are fighting words, and has an added jaded meaning; corrupt, evil, illegal, discriminatory, dangerous, worthy of hate.

Even the whites in the Party don’t say “white.” Caucasian men are the pinata for every facet of the party: feminists, Blacks, Hispanics and gays.

And don’t get me wrong, white males have been on the wrong side of every social rights issue for 250 years. We fought a war to keep slavery, and fought again against social change for Blacks for another 100 years. We fought woman’s rights to vote until 1920, and are now dragging our feet on LBGT rights.

But Ma’am, the Democratic Party has been a stalwart protector of Black rights. No? Please list for me the last successful discrimination case of a Fortune 1000 Company. Please list the neighborhoods, colleges, stores, golf clubs or any business successfully found guilty of discriminating someone because of the color of their skin.


It seems you are angry, because some sliver of sympathy has been cast upon the white working class. You, obviously have no sympathy for their plight, the farmers, miners, postal workers and every day working white guy. Your loathing of him is self-evident.

And the Dems are right. This is a war of class — not race. 94% of the personal wealth gong to 1% of the population, declining income, rising cost of healthcare, housing………and so you know, more white folks got caught in the predatory lending than blacks. Look it up.

Democrats lost this race because of the exact type of negative bias towards white-skinned men you have expressed here…same kind that red necks of long ago expressed as well. Congrats. You’ve turned the table.

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