Intrinsic confidence — people who are willing and able to make decisions. Let’s face it, some people are permission seekers. They want endorsement from others before they make a decision or act. In a holacracy these people become paralysed by the idea that they can and should decide without the endorsement of people in power.
Is holacracy just a whole lot of BS?
Melissa Rosenthal

No management framework can overcome its people. The concept of Holacracy is interesting, but how it can overcome the permission seeker is not evident. I suspect the answer is don’t hire people that are permission seekers. The problem later becomes one of scaling the business because the majority of the world is filled with great people that seek endorsement and permission for their ideas and actions. People that typically have the required confidence are usually entrepreneurs. I bet in the small firm and startup Holacracy is more practical since it starts with a filtered data set.

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