Yesterday night I decided I will start a blog post with whatever little skills I have , and here is my first post. Rough, uncut, a bit uncouth. But I promise to improve with each passing day.

Yesterday i.e. 31/7/16,I went to market to get some print outs for self study and upgrade my skills in Social Media. I got down at Luxmi Nagar Metro Station in Delhi and got the print outs from my favorite shop.

After having accomplished this small goal, I thought of satisfying my hunger by having my lunch at one of restaurants. After eating Chole Bhature (an Indian food), I gave Rs.500/- currency note to the restaurant owner against my lunch bill. Now after taking this 500/-Rs.note , the owner started checking the note from every angle , under light. I asked him why you are doing it and he replied that I am taking this precaution to ensure that your note is not fake and safeguard myself from cheating.

And I was like oh ! Good ! You must check it for your own safe financial health.

But then I asked him a question- do you similarly check the people who come into your life before making them friends or a part of your life in any way ?

After hearing this question, he looked at me as if I have descended from Mars and he gave me blank impression without answering my question.

I left his restaurant, but my question reverberated in my mind throughout that day.

We are like that owner, very careful about our money and ensuring that we do not get cheated or suffer any financial loss from anyone. To achieve this objective we take all sort of precautions . We do it for money- which is a dead thing most of time of its circulation. Money comes/becomes alive only when it is put into some use. Other wise it is in dead position most of time whether in our purse or bank lockers or cash registers etc.

We take so much care and precaution to take safeguards to ensure its safety.But are we that careful about people who come into our lives ?

People who are alive. Do we take that many precautions like checking them from different angles before letting them become a part of our life in any way.

We never take as much precautions to judge the falseness of people whom we meet as much as we take for judging the falseness of notes and currency. Normally the first impressions of other people influence us and we let them be part of our lives without evaluating their moral values, principles or their back grounds. These hasty decisions in forming relationships cost us dear in the long run most of the time. The root cause of most of broken relationships, heart burn, broken hearts, broken promises is the formation of relationships in a hurry without taking proper time to objectively evaluate the other persons before starting relationship with them.

If we took the same care, that we take before accepting notes and currency from other people to ensure that it is valid currency, before starting relationships in our lives by knowing the values, principles , background of the person whom we meet , then our relationships will be much better, healthier, rejuvenating and more fulfilled. Relationships are more valuable than money. Relationships are alive and vibrating and cause of long term happiness than money.Relationships are more precious than the currency and thus they deserve more care,and attention from us before starting any relationship.

Forget evaluating other people before starting relationships, are we that careful about time which is extremely valuable as compared with money. Like forming relationships in a hasty manner , we waste our time most of time without evaluating the work /activities that we are doing or the kind of people we spend our time with.

Face it most of our time is not put to proper use because of our ingrained habits of spending this time in petty things, pursuing petty goals and in the company of disempowering and non positive people.

There are a lot of time wasters in the world , a term coined by Stephen Covey. Time wasters are the people who ,when they have nothing worthwhile to do, make it a point to KILL their time by meeting or visiting other people. They descend on the scene without any information and hang around other people just gossiping and discussing other mundane things.

We must learn to be careful of such time wasters and with a little effort and studying past trends about the habits of certain people you can identify such time wasters. Just like we check the currency before accepting it, we must learn to diplomatically say no to requests of such time wasters or you can tell them upfront that you have to meet some deadline for some project and that you will meet them again whenever you are free.

It is just like a missed call on my phone, which I could not take because I was in some meeting or doing some urgent work. When I have called the number back, 80% of the time either the receiver did not reply or the phone was switched off. Their message is loud and clear that WE WILL CALL YOU WHENEVER WE ARE FREE BECAUSE WE VALUE OUR TIME and not yours.

Value your time more than you value your money.

Time is currency