Lady Sunrise

Background: This is the fourth story in a series.

In union, Lady Sunrise’s consciousness expanded; she became aware of other mechanics, some like her, others very different; of her and others’ chaperones; and even caught glimpses of entities with whom some of her chaperones were currently interacting.

She focused on the Compression Field — the only one in her System — and tracked the Solution-individual within it. Mr. Morning was indeed nearby, though, the Lady noticed, there was an unexpected distance between himself and the individual. Both were still bound within an event-shape, which represented Mr. Morning’s task to return with the Solution-individual. At least that much was —

There was another event-shape there, overlaid on Mr. Morning’s task. She frowned, scrutinizing it, and gradually realizing she couldn’t read the shape. Lady Sunrise had never encountered a shape she could not read before.

Something was happening — about to happen — that involved either Mr. Morning and — or? — the Solution-individual. An increasingly confused Lady Sunrise couldn’t tell which of them it was.

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