The Anomaly

Background: This is the sixth story in a series.

In practice, the Anomaly’s aggressively repulsive state was far less visible than Mr. Morning’s crisp appearance. Where onlookers might be thrilled if they could covertly observe the latter without being noticed, any day without encountering the Anomaly was counted a small victory.

He knew this, and reveled in it.

A woman passed by the Anomaly. She wrinkled her nose at his odor, glared at her feet, and quickened her pace. His attention, irrelevant though it was to her, was entirely elsewhere.

Anomaly also knew that Mr. Morning was not unique. At any given time, there could be millions like him — maybe more — on this planet, and on others; always doing their work with the same quiet efficiency.

Within the Compression Field, both Mr. Morning’s and Anomaly’s true names and intentions were hidden from each other. Each knew the other was there, and remained aware of how events and inhabitants moved around the other. Both knew that they were now watching each other. Neither was sure why.

On impulse, he presented a query to Mr. Morning.

What are you doing?

What are you doing? came Mr. Morning’s surprised reply. Why are you hiding?

Just then, Anomaly sensed something else, something vast, on the verge of communion with Mr. Morning. He broke off the connection and fled.

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