MY NDE STORY: The Voices Saved Me
Garshan Gilbert

Thank you for sharing your story. The TL;DR of what follows is: as more experiences like yours are shared, we can begin to incorporate the knowledge of our pre-mortal existence into our daily life, and then perhaps there will be fewer stranded minds in [insert haunted locations here].

I have never had a “near-death” (I prefer “extracorporeal”) experience, though I have read copious amounts of information about them. Prior to that, I was interested in studying dreams and dream content. This is relevant because dreams, like NDEs, can be hard to describe. As I told a friend recently: the truth lies in the parts that [an experiencer] struggles to describe.

What you saw in the hospital is, in some ways, typical: consciousness, with its ability to “create reality,” is a very powerful thing — much more so when it isn’t constrained within a biological unit. If a conscious entity identifies entirely with its (temporary) biological unit, some confusion is likely to arise when the unit stops functioning: a sense of aimlessness develops, because the consciousness feels compelled to stay on this plane with its body, but cannot justify doing so.

Everyone goes home in the end, so it’s alright either way: however, with a little knowledge, and a little Love, we can perhaps shorten the trip for some of our companions along the way.

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