The idea of documenting pure fact is fallacy, because we are all limited by the same basic psychological constraints.

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There are a lot of obvious reasons why we shouldn’t trust the news. Journalists can lie. They can be bad at gathering information. They can ignore evidence and side with their own opinion, or the opinion of someone offering some sweet cash money.

But let’s forget about those reasons for a minute and pretend we live in a world of unicorns and rainbows, where everyone tells the truth. Even if this were the case, a skilled writer with honest intentions could still never produce a story that was 100% fact.

I don’t mean to undervalue the talented journalists out there…

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Every year for the last 5 years or so, I’ve tried to get a consistent exercise routine in place. Time and time again, I’ve failed.

Then last year it all snapped into place. Since adopting a set of self-motivation techniques, I’ve only missed a total of 3 workouts in 12 months (and these were only due to illness).

I realise this by no means makes me an expert, and my long term goals are still a speck on the horizon. I have, however, successfully overcome the mental barriers that prevented me from consistently getting out the front door. …

Jack Bennett

Experience Design Manager at DIJGTAL, aspiring writer, and all-round dreamer. I live and work in Sydney.

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