1. Backyard — Before and After (aka The Joy of Homeownership)

  1. May 5 — Last vacation before Baby Trimble arrives
Babymoon on St. Simon’s Island. We’ll definitely be going back one day.

2. May 13 — Knoxville Fellows Graduation

Morning Scrum at EventBooking
  1. Morning Scrum at EventBooking — April 19

This brilliant team of software developers is building our next generation of EventBooking products. We meet every morning at 8:45am to check in on the day’s upcoming tasks. When the weather is nice, we take it to the back porch. I’m honored to know them all.

2. Back porch dinner — April 16

We are humbled to share that after 2.5 years of praying, waiting, wondering, fearing, hoping, crying, and praying some more, the Trimbles are having a baby.

The path that led us here is by far the hardest road either of us has ever walked.

Let us explain. It’s a bit of a long story.

From Melissa:

It’s late September 2015 and emotions are running HIGH.

These things happen in the span of four days:

1. My favorite band completes their farewell tour. There are tears. There is denial, even as I’m backstage watching it unfold. …

A few weeks ago, I was at Gourmet’s Market, lathering a breakfast burrito with some delicious green salsa, when a friend said to me, “You know, we’re only borrowing these bodies for a little while.” Sounds a bit corny when I type it out, but it struck me raw in the moment because I’m a strategic control freak.

The check engine light has been beaming on the dashboard of my Jeep for about a year now. I grind my teeth at night. There are 5 to 10 frogs that live somewhere in our backyard and each night they croak their…

James Trimble

Singer / Songwriter @dirty_guvnahs, Chief Operating Officer @eventbooking, Husband to @mpriode

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