1. Backyard — Before and After (aka The Joy of Homeownership)
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April 2014 on Left — June 2017 on Right. I doubt I’ll have time for projects like this once we have a baby.

We bought this house as a Freddie Mac foreclosure in April 2014 via Homesteps.com. The backyard was a wreck. Inside needed a lot of work too.

  • Old deck was rotten in a few places. Replaced all boards and stained.
  • Removed 8 truck loads of cracked concrete and broken bricks from landscaping beds and around edges of pool.
  • Converted pool from Chlorine to Saltwater system
  • Removed all outdated outdoor lighting
  • Pressure washed pool deck
  • Built new stone and pebble section of walking path
  • Planted LOTS of new grass
  • Removed dozens of overgrown plants and “flower beds”
  • Replaced old, warped outdoor ceiling fans

2. U2 in Louisville at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium

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30 Year Anniversary of The Joshua Tree record. U2 is a top 5 favorite band for me. Incredible show.

U2 took the stage with no announcement whatsoever. The drummer just walked on stage and started playing the beat to Sunday Bloody Sunday. Completely rock and roll. They played 4 songs (including “Bad”!!!) before the sun went down and then the 150 foot wide backdrop burst into a glowing red explosion.

The crowd went nuts. Then U2 proceeded to play The Joshua Tree from start to finish. Highlight for me was Bullet the Blue Sky.

Encore included the rest of the hits (One, Beautiful Day, Elevation, and Vertigo)

How on earth do they continue to create relevant songs and performances?

We can now say that our baby went to a U2 concert.

Full setlist.

3. EB Live 2017

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These are the EB employees that made EB Live a success.

Our annual user conference, EB Live, was an incredible success. More attendees than ever, and we introduced our latest VenueOps software. Many thanks to Knoxville Convention Center for being such a great host!

Singer / Songwriter @dirty_guvnahs, Chief Operating Officer @eventbooking, Husband to @mpriode

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