March 3 — Blue Springs Cave, White County, TN.
  1. Dude Weekend in Cookeville, TN — March 3rd and 4th

When Justin Hill plans an weekend dude trip, you know it’s gonna be good. At 9pm on the first night, he said, “Hey, I got an idea for what we’ll do next.” 30 minutes later we were in the parking lot of a bank with a professional cave guide friend of Hill’s suiting up in caving gear to go climb around in a cave on someone’s private property. Evidently, it happens to be the 9th longest cave in the world. We were underground until 2am. Other important events from this weekend: I beat everyone in ping-pong, and I wrecked a dirt bike.

2. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame — March 18th and 19th

March 18–19— Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, OH with Melissa’s family

Spring Break in Cleveland, Ohio w/ Melissa’s family. 25 to 35 degrees outside the entire trip. Highlight was the U2 in 3D movie on the 4th floor of the museum and randomly stumbling on the house from The Christmas Story. Yes. We rented a minivan for the trip and it was awesome.

3. Das League Annual Banquet — March 25

2016 League Champion (Katmandu) and 2016 Toilet Bowl Recipient (Zeezus)

Established in 2003. Das League is the finest of fantasy football leagues; with required attendance for live drafts and year-end overnight league banquets, a league constitution, green jackets, and a history of kicking out league members with low participation. Congrats to Katmandu on his first ever league championship.

Singer / Songwriter @dirty_guvnahs, Chief Operating Officer @eventbooking, Husband to @mpriode

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