I’m building the Upwork for social media content creation

Introducing Fiddle Social: a marketplace for freelance social media managers

Jeremy Blaze
Jun 17 · 3 min read

I run rather a lot of Instagram accounts… both for myself and for clients. Despite its many weaknesses, Instagram is a fantastic platform for promoting any consumer oriented brand (and even the odd B2B one). When we launched Embark, we’d already rallied together about 5,000 Instagram followers which gave us a huge kick start on launch day. When I launched RoadHuntr I’d amassed a 6,000 person following many of whom became the app’s very first users. I also run a brand called YesRemote which has been a vital marketing channel for me personally in the three-or-so years it’s existed due to its even larger following.

In summary, Instagram should not be underestimated if you’re any kind of brand. Running Instagram accounts requires a lot of hands-on effort though, and currently it’s something of a nightmare for me to manage the dozen or so accounts I’m responsible for. Each and every account needs to be posted to regularly, then you’ve got to reply to people’s comments and of course, you have to go and actually interact with other users on the platform in a meaningful way so that you get discovered.

In addition to the obvious content delivery tasks, there’s strategic work to be done too in order to continue reaching the right people at the right times. Getting noticed on a network as noisy and full of robots as Instagram is hard, and it takes a social media pro to work out how to do that, and time to keep it up… both of which are characteristics I do not fit.

So. After a few years of pulling my hair out managing Instagram accounts myself, I recently decided to outsource it all, and have already brought on a small team of freelancers to help me keep up with the demands of running a dozen social media profiles. This is where an idea sparked.

I was in contemplation around adding this as an offering to more of my clients. I currently do it only for a select few, but given that I run an agency made up of freelancers it seemed like a no-brainer, but there was one problem with that: How on earth would I liaise with clients and content creators for work that is of such a high frequency? Given I’m a SAAS person, some kind of platform seemed the obvious solution…

So, please say hello to Fiddle Social – the Upwork for social media content creation.

Fiddle Social lets you set your brand’s Instagram marketing on autopilot. We pair you with a top quality, hand-vetted social media pro who can do anything from write or design content to audience engagement

For content creators, Fiddle Social empowers you to work your way. It takes the hassle out of finding work and makes collaborating with clients a breeze. You also get paid automatically for each post you create.

Hello, brands!

If you’re a brand looking to up your Instagram game, book in a call or shoot me an email to talk about getting going on Fiddle.Hello, content creators

Hello, content creators!

I’m looking for content creators to join the platform so if you’re interested, please email me at jeremy@fiddle.social and we can have a chat.

Jeremy Blaze

Written by

Product Designer. Previously founded enpose.co (acquired). Now running neverbeforeseen.co, a product design studio working exclusively with startups.

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