“It’s Chivalry outside…”

Many will say chivalry is dead, or a lost art. I say neither. Chivalry is simply transforming, becoming more mutable...interchangeable. There are times a Man should open the door for the Woman he is with, as well as times when he can place his coat on her shoulders [on on the puddly ground where she may have to place steps]...or pay for dinner on a hot date. Yet, there are times when a Woman shouldn’t be a dainty princess, and instead be a princess-warrior, or a motorcycle pilot, or a surfer, or the CEO of a major cyber security company, or microbiological engineer, or a ninja, or a third degree blackbelt marital arts instructor...at these times, a Man shouldn’t be holding any door for the Woman...he should be placing little, fun, but serious wagers with the Woman--"whoever gets to the door first gets 'free' ice cream", "whoever touches the hood of the car first, wins", "first one to hurl from taking shots has to mow the lawn in hooker outfit". Chivalry is not, and never was, about a Man always doing nice small gestures for a Woman...for ultimately we as people have lost our way, and have started to find such antics as potentially controlling. Woman can plan hot dates for a Man she loVes & adores, just as a Man. Ultimately, chivalry is still alive & well... Most of us just don’t recognize her/him anymore. We’re so stuck on gestures and politeness from a time where it best belonged. Nowadays, we should be sharing the load with each other, racing to front doors, kissiNg once we get in, skippiNg the hot dates for couples tandem skydiving and white water rafting, then cooking dinner at home, turning off the television...and haviNg sex (and if you have children, sneak in 5 - 10 pumps while they outside playiNg or in the next room; your children sneak and try to get into mischief before you bust in room to see them cutting their hair, the doll’s hair, or drawing on the wall...shit, why can’t you do a little sneakiNg time to time)...and most importantly, mowiNg the lawn in hooker suits after losiNg some obnoxious bet. Keep the spice kickiNg in a way you two choose to do so. Chivalry is very much alive...you & yours are just a bunch’a deadbeats.