Equivocal, As Is.

___________________ I ____________________
The Sun, The Earth, The distance right.
Sans Color, Sans Taste, Water’s logic right.
Several Signals, Best Processor, The Human Mind.
God did it all, God loves all, Do we love God?
Did we create God? Do we fear God? Is there a fuzzy logic about God?
__________________ II _____________________
People meet, People Interact, People fall in love.
To Bop, To Horizontal Bop and then retire the Bop for a long gestation.
People are Friends, People are Enemies, People kill People.
People did it all, People multiplied, Then People hated People?
Does Humanity exist? Do good actually do good? Is there a fuzzy logic about Humanity?
__________________ III ____________________
Siblings live together, Sibling love each other, Siblings are family.
Siblings grow big, Siblings grow old, Siblings grow away.
Parents become parents, Parents had siblings, Siblings don’t matter.
Parents have kids, Kids are family, Kids are siblings until they get married?
Does Affinity exist? Are blood relations plastic? Is there a fuzzy logic about Affinity?

__________________ IV ____________________
God is omnipresent, God does exist for some, God doesn’t exist.
People are good, People are bad, People are cold.
Brothers for life, Brothers for money, Brothers by the name.
Did I doubt God at times? I certainly doubt People, I am not sure about Affinities.
There’s a fuzzy logic about Existence.

-Jatin Kathuria


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