Why Information Architecture is not Architecture

Back in the not so recent past I used to describe myself as an Information Architect.

This used to really annoy my Dad, an actual Architect. He’d say, “I studied for seven years to be an architect. Five years at University and two years working as a apprentice.” In my defence I’d say I have got a Masters degree in Human Computer Interaction.

“But it’s not the same.” He’d continue. “If I mess up the building could fall down and people will die, if you mess up, oh no, someone can’t find something.”

He’s right or course, it is rather an impressive job title and one that is far grander than job it represents. Saying that in my Twitter profile I say I’m Strategic Commander of UX. That’s more to highlight the sometime ludicrous nature of job titles in our industry.

I don’t know what the solution is, but a bit of humility and I dare I say it, modesty in job title choice might help. Idea Engineer anyone?

Originally published at Joe Leech.