I would also say that in many fields , the chance for young women to gain this type of knowledge…
Unbought and Unbossed

Yes, I struggled with that sentence for some of the reasons you have brought up. There were others as well. It seemed too easy to accidentally imply the new gender balance was in some way flawed or that women were gaining at the expense of men etc. What I hope comes across in the broader context is that change has wrought changes in the opportunity for a certain type of experience. The young women in the groups I have worked with did not appear to have missed out on this socialising experience to the same degree. I may be entirely wrong about this and as ever will change my mind in the presence of new data! Men interact around a shared skill, craft or sport experience for example, indirectly communicating during the course of their work. Women appear to be much more likely to gain the same experience from each other by sitting down and talking things through directly.

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