Wipe Your Ass For America

Creating jobs in the US is a hot topic, with a special emphasis on manufacturing. I’m no expert in the field, but I do run a small manufacturing company, Tacoma Manufacturing, so I know what it’s like on my end of things. I’m going to share with you how I make decisions in the marketplace, which is insanely simple, but insanely effective. If just 10% of Americans had this practice we could create thousands of jobs overnight. Just a heads-up, I’m extremely optimistic.

Amazon, the prized Seattle-based online mega-retailer, is making an insane amount of money selling products from all over the world at insanely low prices. I, myself, am an Amazon Prime user, and can’t shame them for their service. In fact, I use it multiple times a week to buy everything from printer paper, pattern paper, and toilet paper. I’m a man obsessed, and chances are you are too.

Stop Sucking At “Place Your Order”

That being said, a lot of you are making poor decisions when clicking “Place Your Order”. I get it. It’s easy to find the lowest price, generally recommended by Amazon, and get on with your day. I do the same thing, but I take an extra minute or two to see what’s behind the curtain.

What I preach is not black and white. I understand that we have to value shop to stay within our budgets. We have to compare prices on cat litter and other items we buy weekly, monthly, or even bimonthly. I do it often. As a small business owner with a kid on the way and an active house hunt all at the same time, I am making sure my wife and I hit our budget and I’m not putting debt on a credit card. I need to keep that credit score up to get the best interest rates.

Econ 101

What I want to emphasize is a very common economics term called the ‘invisible hand’. Every cent we spend is a vote for something we want to see succeed. When I click “Place Your Order” on Amazon I am placing a vote for cheap printer paper just as if I was placing a vote for the future President of the United States. When I go to my local farmers market and buy organic pickles grown in the Puyallup valley just 15 minutes away, I am voting that Duris Cucumber Farm keep on making amazing pickles.

There needs to be a balance in products we purchase; or vote for. Instead of buying the cheapest product we should find out if there is another item on the same shelf that is made in the USA, and grab that off of the shelf instead. You may get lucky and score an American made product that is the best value anyways. Then again, you may spend an extra $0.50.

If we all took a minute to read a label, we could change the world.

Poop Like A King

Last week I went on Amazon to find toiler paper and paper towels for the shop restroom. Everything I bought (which was an insane value) happened to be made in the USA. All I did was type the brand name into Google search and check to see if it’s made in the USA. Turns out it was all made by Georgia Pacific, which employs more than 40,000 Americans.

Hell ya, I can rest easy and wipe my ass with American made TP.

This is a really simple example of how I shop. I am not an extremely educated buyer, but I put in the extra two minutes to find out really simple information that helps our country’s economy grow, and hopefully someday get back to being a net-export nation.