My Thoughts on Beehive Startups

This morning I sent out some tweets. Here are thoughts behind those tweets.

Currently there are 1.6 Million results on Donald Trump regarding the recently leaked audio. His terrible actions and comments have been well publicized on TV, Websites, Twitter, Facebook, everywhere. In fact its hard to even get on Twitter without constantly see Hillary/Donald noise. (By the way, I consider myself independent and will not be voting for Donald or Hillary)

So this morning when I looked at Twitter and saw an article “on behalf of the Beehive Startups editorial team” who’s content I enjoy reading, being focused on Trump. I had to express my thoughts.

Beehive Startups is the leading independent organization devoted to covering and building Utah’s startup and tech community.”

I love startups and I love reading about startups on Beehive Startups. If I want to read options about political candidates there are hundreds of sites I can go to. If I want to read about startups in Utah, there is one.

Beehive Our team… writes exhaustive profile stories on the state’s most compelling entrepreneurs and leaders”.

When I first heard about beehive startups I was really excited. Like many young entrepreneurs, I have not been involved with startups for the last 20 years and have lots to learn. Both the good and the bad. While it is fun to see updates in funding, there is a lot to cover about Utah startups. What ever happened to the company who won Startfest? What’s the history of that company that just built a building by Adobe? Why do leaders who have a vote in which companies get State grants, have a higher win rate for their own companies getting grants?

Funding is just one point in a startups life, I would love to hear about the other points.

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