Cryptogene ICO

Another ongoing ICO-related Blockchain-based initiative in Nigeria is Cryptogene. That project targets Africa and seeks to create better integration through the technology it offers.

Cryptogene is one of the first such startups to come out of Africa. Cryptogene recently started its CGT pre-sale on the Waves platform.

Very good success on the Cryptogene pre ICO so far. First day of pre-ICO: 9 BTC and 364 waves raised.

Crypogene pre-ICO started with a blast of success. The amazing thing to note is the high level of support from the Cryptocurrency Community in Nigeria. This is because of the good name that Bashir Aminu has earned for himself. If there is anything to take from this lesson it is to always leave a good legacy when doing business. Reputation is everything.

During the Pre-ICO, CGT(Cryptogene tokens) will be sold at a 50% discount of $0.05 per token. This Pre-ICO is going to last for two weeks.

ICO Details:

  • Token name: CGT
  • Represents: Proof of Interest
  • Token price: $0.1
  • Tokens amount. 20,000,000
  • Platform: Waves
  • ICO date and time: 24nd August, 2017
  • ICO time frame: 2 months (60 days)

The token for Cryptogene is known as CGT. There are total 50,000,000 tokens of which 25,000,000 will be issued on Waves platform for sale for a price of $0.05 per token in the pre-ICO and $0.1 per token in the ICO.


CGT is the native token of the Cryptogene platform. All Cryptogene products will be integrated with CGT.

Given the amount of products that CGT will be integrated with, the value proposition is huge

There is the Cryptogene Digest, which rewards for good quality content will be paid in CGT.

Silk, which is the biggest project, startups will be funded with CGT.

And you’ll need CGT to list your idea for crowd funding.

There is a Unique POI
 Or Unique Proof of Interest, where you lock your CGT in a smart contract for 18 weeks.

As more and more people use the products, the demand for CGT will continue to increase and this will make the investors to smile to the bank.

Roadmap illustration of cryptogene

If you don’t understand the above stuff, I’m sorry, I usually don’t like talking about technical stuff. Just download the whitepaper seen at the end of this article. Its well explained there.

You can exchange your tokens when they are listed in an exchange and by then it may be worth more than the ICO price. This is a good project. The price of the token is bound to skyrocket as the project gains momentum and acceptance.

This is the reason why it gladdens my heart and fills me with so much hope for Nigeria when I think of projects like cryptogene. We (Nigerians or Africans) must have a presence in the global scheme of things and when other countries are boasting of technology, may we not be boasting of our jollof rice.

Learn more about Cryptogene by visiting the organization online today at Website :

Link to White Paper:

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser. This is not financial advice. Do your own research.

Thank you.

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