DENT - ICO is coming

DENT - World’s First Mobile Data Exchange on Ethereum.

There are so many cryptocurrency ICOs going on these days, it becomes difficult to keep track of everything. But, I have found a upcoming ICO to look forward to, as I always do my own research before making any investments. The following projects introduce some interesting concepts, which could prove to be quite valuable and powerful over time. I can only hope this projects will be success like so many other projects have done in the past.

What is DENT ?

DENT — An existing projects targeting the mobile and especially mobile application industry, Dent is the first project with a aim to “liberate” mobile data services. Before we go into details of Dent, let’s talk about the importantce of mobile data first.

The Dent cryptocurrency ICO is by far one of the most unique projects we have seen so far. The project aims to establish a global exchange for mobile data. Data pricing will be made transparent, and automated bidding will allow anyone to purchase mobile data with relative ease. Exchanging mobile data packages will occur through the DENT tokens, which are issued during the ICO, which begins on July 12, 2017.


The upcoming DENT token sale opens on 12th July 2017 (1500 GMT) with up to 10% bonus tokens for early participation. There will be a fixed price of 400 000 DENT per 1 Ethereum excluding the certain early bird and presale bonuses.

Symbol: DENT (Ethereum ERC20 token)

Crowdsale opening date: 12th July, 2017 13:00 UTC

Crowdsale closing date: 26th July, 2017 22:59 UTC

Minimum funding goal: 15000 ETH

Total Supply: 100 Billion DENT


DENT will be the global exchange for mobile data where — in the final scale — the world’s mobile data is sold, bought or donated, just like other commodities such as currencies are traded today. DENT will make data pricing transparent, and through automated bidding increases efficiency of purchase, just like spot markets and mobile advertising today. DENT Tokens will be the global currency for the exchange of mobile data packages. The possibility of exchanging a package to a more suitable one, especially in the advent of eSIMs will allow the use of multiple operators on a single phone will drive telcos to compete.

Meet The Team Members:

Introducing the DENT Exchange

DENT will be the worldwide trade formobile data where — when completely scaled up — the world’s mobile data is sold, purchased or given, much the same as different items, for example, monetary standards are exchanged today.

DENT Tokens will be the global currency for trading mobile data via the Ethereum blockchain. Data and DENT Tokens are smart contracts within the blockchain, and therefore automate the financial process and connect together users and telcos globally. The decentralized nature of Ethereum means that the DENT Exchange is a global platform right from the start.

Let’s introduce DENT through video review:

For more information about DENT and the crowdsale see:


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