Onegram — Gold Cryptocurrency Followed By Sharia Law

Since About eight years ago, introduced Bitcoin as a digital currency then untill now made significant developments in cryptocurrency industry. As well as make many developers, investors but most of violate the Islamic Sharias rule. It’s also noted that till now worth noting that existing cryptocurrencies have not been designed with Islamic markets in mind. You can find many Muslims simply can’t use cryptocurrencies or including any kind of service because of their restricted legal status and high barriers to entry in many countries in the Islamic world. Here, OneGram aims to solve these issues, introduced us new cryptocurrency, where each coin is backed by one gram of gold at launch.

So Coming a question what Sharia actual is?

Sharia comes from an Arabic word which completely set of religious laws derived from the Islamic tradition, Sharia law, or Islamic law is part of the Islamic tradition. while other currencies, even fiat currencies actually failed to compel with sharia low. Here, onegram is very different and offer you something different unlike other with in sharia low.


Onegram is a great News for Investors and Digital Money Users cause of dealing with this idea completely safe. Onegram (ICO) starts May 27 on the first day of Ramadan Moon and continue for 120 days. Here ICO stands for Initial currency offering. Onegram is the world’s first Sharia-compliant, gold-backed digital currency. Just simple creating an account on GoldGuard cause onegram ico will take place on the goldguard exchange. So basically the 1st step to participate in the ICO is to register with goldguard and purchase gold. Following the video the you can find the goldguard sign up link also other important link.

Historically its proved that gold is more resilient, even holds its worth better than any fiat money whatever we use, particularly in times of economic instability. There no currency can guarantee absolute stability, except OneGram.

Even, OneGram transaction generates a small fee. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, only in OneGram idea, this fee is reinvested, no doubt one of the cool feature here built in so, to buy more gold and increase the amount of gold that backs each token.

As transaction volume increases, more gold gets added to the vault and all OneGram owners share in the profit. So, over time, each OneGram is fundamentally worth more by design.

So, In nutshell onegram is a brand new cryptocurrency that is designed with bitcoin spirits and it also compels with Islamic values, hopefully the first cryptocurrencies, where each coin is backed by one gram of gold at launch and yes which is governed under sharia low. We’re thankful to the onegram.

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By : Suvo Devnath

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