How Can I Mine Bitcoin?

How fast can I mine Bitcoin and how can I start with my laptop or PC?

Recently I joined a Bitcoin Faucet that is basically a large group of people putting together their own resources to mine and share Bitcoin.

It is a really easy way to get onto Bitcoin bandwagon and make some Bitcoin from nothing! All you need is an internet connection, a Bitcoin wallet (not needed to start) and a browser. Personally I use a Macbook but also use my work server running Windows Server R2 2012 on a cheap VPS.

How fast can I mine?

Mining speed all depends on the power of your device, the CPU and GPU. Bitcoin mining is measured in hash per second H/S and I am mining at around 50 to 80 H/S on the server and 20 to 30 H/S on the Macbook. At an average of 80 H/S mining for the Bitcoin faucet gets me around 15,000 satoshi per week. It is not a lot, however, I started with nothing an now, after a couple of months, I have a nice stash of Bitcoin in my faucet account earning 4% interest daily.

Test how fast your device can mine using this link here

The link above will tell you in H/S how fast you can mine for Bitcoin. This is the same mining system that I use in the faucet (more info below about how to join and use the faucet). To get a true result of H/S leave the browser open for around an hour, it will also tell you how much in satoshi you will get per hour.

Below is a screenshot of the browser mining you can do through the faucet.

When you visit the mining URL, the red “STOP MINING” button will be a green “START MINING” button, you need to press this and allow the browser miner to use your CPU resources. You can lower the CPU usage when you are using your device for other things or leave it safely at 100%. If you notice any problems, lower the CPU Usage.

How to use a Bitcoin Faucet to maximise Bitcoin earnings.

I have tried many Bitcoin faucets and am quite sure I have found the best one. Please read below to learn how to get to 30k satoshi which will earn you 4% revenue daily on autopilot.

Steps to make 30,000 satoshi within 2 weeks using the best Bitcoin faucet.

  1. First thing is to sign up here.
  2. When you access your account you will see the following buttons in the main menu: FREE BTC, MULTIPLY BTC, LOTTERY, REWARDS & REFER.
  3. FREE BTC. Every hour make sure to complete the captcha to earn free satoshi. The rate changes as the value of Bitcoin changes. At the moment it is around 25 satoshi per hour. When you complete the captcha, numbers will spin, if it stops on anything over 9886 you earn a bonus of up to 0.02 Bitcoin. Make sure to do that every hour, as many times daily as you can. 12 to 18 times if possible. You can do it on mobile, tab, desktop, just make sure to do it as many times as possible per day. This is your starter source of free Bitcoin.
  4. MULTIPLY BITCOIN. This is a game of high or low. Wait until you have around 1100 satoshi and use the “Auto Bet” set Bet Odds to 18 and No. of Rolls to 100. Never go past 1000 satoshi and if you get to the 1200 mark, only bet with what you have over the 1200. This way you always win and lose very little, keeping your balance in-tact. Ignore all the other settings, you only need to use Auto Bet, Bet Odds and No. of Rolls.
  5. LOTTERY: For each freeroll (captcha) and game you play, you earn lottery tickets. These accumulate over the week and every Sunday there is a draw. You could be lucky. Never buy tickets, chances are very low to win so not worth it, just check every Sunday if you are a winner using your freely acquired lottery tickets. Hit the big one, you could win a full Bitcoin (currently valued at $10,000).
  6. REWARDS: As you complete captchas and play high or low, you are also earning “Reward Points”. Wait until your balance gets to 1600 points and use them on the 500% Free Bitcoin Bonus. The bonus will last for 24 hours, make sure you can stay awake and complete as many captchas as possible within that 24 hours. I managed 20 hours before crashing out and got over 3,000 satoshi for my effort.
  7. REFER: Basically you can grab your own URL and refer your friends. You will earn some Bitcoin for each person you refer, really easy ;)

Ok with the advice above, you should be on your way to earning Bitcoin automatically. Just get to the 30,000 satoshi mark and you will earn 4% per day doing nothing! Imagine what that would be worth in 10 years time? A good investment for your kids maybe ;)

Sign up to the Bitcoin Faucet here or check your browser mining speed here.