Greed is Natural: Moderation Takes Effort

It’s a cautionary tale as old as time itself. For those of us who believe in one all powerful, all knowing, merciful God, it is the first lesson taught in Genesis through the story of Adam and Eve. Quick overview for my nonreligious folks…God tells couple not to eat of one particular tree or they will die; snake shows up. Tells the female in the couple God just doesn’t want you to be as smart as He. Woman takes fruit, brings it to man, they both eat it and…yea. (You can read the rest for yourself) You’ll at least have a new excuse for your struggles.😊

But what this little parable does show is that from the beginning of time, we humans, from our most basic primitive, animalistic instincts, want more than we need. It makes sense though, right? I mean, if we have more than we need, we’ll never be without. And besides, I can’t give anybody anything unless I have enough for myself, right? Makes sense to me.

So then lies the question, what is enough?

What is more than enough?

A little won’t hurt.

Too much? According to whom?

But, if I have more followers I can help more people!

Who are you to criticize my drive?

Sounds a little tiring, right? So how do we stop binging on cookies and ice cream, cake, soda, cat videos, Trump news, porn, sports (y’all thought I’d stop with food, huh) or any other vices or guilty pleasures? Most of us don’t. We simply learn how to binge smaller and less often, which we call moderation.

I won’t delve into the Webster’s definition of moderation. All I’ll say is that I’m good at it when it comes to some things; I SUCK when it comes to others. My only saving grace is that being a “sensitive gorilla” means that I’m far more analog than digital, so lots of the things I struggle with have to be purchased; information and its accumulation isn’t a struggle of mine.(THANK GOD)

So, if I avoid certain places, i.e., Goodwill, for example, I can’t buy that $10 mixer that goes for $60 at Wal-Mart and would make it so much easier to mix batter when my family wants pancakes and would save me so much time rather than hand mixing…sorry guys, guess I proved my point.

Truth is, we all struggle with something. And no matter how many people we enlist to help us with those challenges by holding us “accountable”, our own level of accountability is the only one that matters. Only infants need babysitting…and even they cry when being pushed to do something they don’t want to.