Odds Are If You Are A Small Business You Are Doing Social Wrong; and it is going to hurt soon

I had a surgery a week ago. Made me not want to talk much or be active on social media, but what I did do is spend a lot of time on as many social media pages of small and independent businesses in my area as possible. And what I found was shocking, but also not shocking. At least 80% pages were filled with bad, horrible, or just plain lazy posts. I could not identify any sort of strategy or goal being applied. I could, however, identify what their favorite photo editing app is.

This isn’t shocking to me because anyone in the field of marketing knows that most small businesses use a strategy of give the social responsibilities to the young person, if there is one. And marketing agencies are struggling to keep up, often applying the same strategy. I looked at small businesses in my area, but I would place money that the same applies to wherever you live.

And so, social media has matured as a medium over the last 5 years, developing into the most advanced database of customers/audiences and as direct a connection as there has ever been to the consumer. Creating a variety of social platforms to reach groups with different messages and purposes. Meanwhile, most businesses have yet to realize they can apply business practices to social and get valuable outcomes!

And to this point in time, it hasn’t really hurt them. Maybe they know that if they had better quality with their social efforts they could see 2x or 3x improvement on sales in the longrun. Maybe they didn’t know. Head’s up on that, by the way. But people didn’t stop doing business with them because their Facebook posts were bad. They just didn’t see them anymore, and businesses upset with Facebook about that should actually be thanking them.

So why is this changing?

It has been building for a while, with this year looking to be the breakout year for it. What is it? Any guesses?

Conversation Social!

The ability of your customers to by-pass the phone number, by-pass your customer support live chat on the website, which usually sucks. And by-pass any other method you have set up for them to get information about your product, service, hours, return policy, etc. They now will just message you on Facebook Messenger, DM on Twitter, DM on Instagram, or even send you a snap on Snapchat. And you better respond, and quick, or else you will lose their business.

Don’t know what any of those things are? Do you have the apps or a social platform to help you manage it? If you answered no, you will lose their business.

This is the path that social media has set for the relationship between consumer and business for quite some time. The key here is you can now lose the sale because of social!

And you better respond, and quick, or else you will lose their business.

Did I scare you? Good.

Emphasis to Small Businesses

I am directing this article to small businesses, because national brands have already recognized this (or at least a number of them have). And they are on their way to adapting, albeit slowly. But small businesses have not.

Let’s start with a simple yes/no question to answer. Do you have a person that takes over social responsibilities when the regular person is not working that day? If you did not immediately answer yes, then you are in trouble.

Will this happen overnight? Yes. Because you will not see it coming. If you are not watching you will have no idea people are messaging your social accounts with questions. You will might have no idea you are even losing sales, but you will.

But, there is good news. But time, money, and effort into social. It can turn things around. And there are these wonderful things called bots that are going to be coming in swarms soon too. Believe it or not, but if you use them well, it will make life wonderful for your small business.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope you will make some positive changes to how you handle social for your small businesses because of it.

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