Switching My App to Slack

I have been working for months and months to build my communication platform app for higher education. I even had a Beta up and running. Then came the make or break. Is that I was getting engagement with students in classes, but there was little chance of my current layout working for massive rollout to higher education institutions. For my current app to truly be successful for students and instructors, all of their classes needed to be run through Convene, which was not happening.

It definitely felt like I was winning the battle but losing the war. And I really, really want to win the war. So what was I going to do?

I took a deep look at my own experiences, the experiences of others, and just the general conversation online about communication, messaging, and email in higher education. I realized it was time to take the advice of a couple of my close colleagues and mentors. I am going to build the connection between Slack and the LMS.

It will start with some basics, such as the LTI connection. And will build up into a seamless tool for educators to use throughout their courses. Now, for the time being, I am still working to build up Convene as an independent platform as well. But having the option for schools and instructors to use Slack if they want to will be great!

Because when it comes down to it, the end goal is to make communication better in education. And I say bring it on!

If you want to follow my progress, get updates, early access, and other cool things. Go to http://www.goconvene.com and enter your email address.