What I Have Done & Learned in 30 Days

I have just finished up my 30 Day Social Media Break Challenge. Recapping what has happened is quite interesting, it almost feels like 30 days isn’t enough time. Kind of like when my wife and I have the house to ourselves for a weekend, with our our boys spending the time with their grandparents. You go into the weekend with so much planned to do, and after sleeping for 24 hours straight you realize very little is actually going to get done.

It really did take me a week or two to shift into a different cycle of doing things and getting things done. What did I do with those wasted weeks? I am pretty sure it was not much. But maybe not doing much had more value than I give it credit. When you are a go-go-go type of person, a cooling down period can really get your mind racing to go forward again.

To start, I didn’t miss social media consistently through the month. Looking back, there were only a couple times I wanted to go to social media. And it was either because of sports, my Huskers, and because of the holiday events. So, a belated WAY TO GO! to Husker Volleyball! National Champs! And also very proud of Husker Football for showing strong in the bowl game.

After hearing on the news night after night about politicians doing things on social media, I am glad I had a break from that. And plan to minimize how much I see it in the future. Word of warning to all politicians, do not show me a social ad about your campaign. Nothing good will come of that.

New Habit

I think I did pick up a new habit. Kind of a bad timing sort of thing. A week or so after starting this challenge I got the new Apple TV, and a gaming controller for it. My oldest boy, almost 5, and I have spent quite a little time with it. This is his first gaming console, unless you count an iPad. Just wish there were more games on it that could fill the gap between easy kid play games, and full-on experienced gaming required games. Made me nostalgic for what Super Mario Bros. was able to do for me growing up.

So…what good came of this challenge?

New projects! I have plans to start a few new ecommerce businesses in the next few months. The sites will be very targeted in what they sell and who they sell to. Should be fun! Note, I am not a builder of physical things, but I spent time this month talking more to people I fell a little out of conversation with and a couple joint ideas formed.

I am progressing through my learning on making iOS apps. I didn’t want to rush this into 30 days if I felt it would take longer. I want to know how, not just know how to do the copycat type of apps. Also have 2 apps I want to make in the wings.

My startup business, Convene, is launching into Beta for this Spring Semester. Started the process way back in March ’15. Seems like a lot longer time than it actually was.

And because apparently I am not busy enough, I will be starting a vodcast show on digital media practices for small businesses. There are a lot of people talking out there, but most of it isn’t practical, useful tips. And there are people with a focus on email, or Instagram, or Facebook, or SEO, but frankly, small business owners do not have the time to sort through that.

What will I be doing with social media now?

Now that I have to make a conscious choice to reinstall a social media app or log in to the website, there are certain networks I don’t feel a need to jump back into right now, or maybe not at all.

The ones I will go back to right away: Instagram, Snapchat, & Twitter. And, I don’t know if this distinction is important, it is to me at least, Facebook Pages, not Facebook. I have pages I run and manage, and it feels good to go back to that service. Instagram and Snapchat I want to go back to, not just to post, but to view from others. Twitter, you are lucky my network of colleagues and friends are all on you. Otherwise, you might have gone the way of Facebook to me.

Ones I might float in and out of: Facebook, Imgur, and Periscope. Facebook might be a once in a while type of thing, but I also don’t see how that will be valuable for me unless I am searching for something specific given Facebook’s Algorithm.

The others, if I can’t remember what you are right now, I am definitely not going to use you.

Final Thoughts

This was fun. Switching things up on my daily schedule can open some different ideas. Thanks to Jason Zook for the inspiration.

My desire to banish email still quite high on my list. Maybe a 90 day Break for email. Send an autoreply to have them send me a message on social, iMessage, or txt.