Handling that urge to suck more content

Spoiler Alert: Yet another article to protect your brain from social networks.

Our brain was programmed to always seek for new kind of information and thirsty to process them. So these startups / media house wants us to stay in a dream world where we will be force fed a zillion bits of content every hour.

Social Networks are damaging your emotions:

In a minute after few swipe downs your timeline gave you half dozen emotions in your mind. It could be about the fun part of Jim Carrey, aggressive Trump to build a wall, About a next space mission, That drowning kid, That victory you expected from your favorite team, That romantic picture, That picture of your ex, Mark Twain’s quote about iPhone.

After these swipes your mind had to react and express some sort of expressions given as clicking like, share, head banging your keyboard to comment.

Your brain had to do some sort of chemical reactions to process the incoming content from your timeline and express as emotions in short period of time. You are feeding your brain with so may type of contents that requires so many type of emotions to bring out.

A hot girl
Cute cat
Your ex’s happy photo
Your boss’s profile picture
Starving kid in Rwanda
Trump saying Trump quotes

But in that boring world outside 5" screen. Your brain wont get these crap load of different emotions in that short amount of time. There are very low chances like Trump becoming next Pope.

Human evolution happened based on things surrounded by them. Unfortunately we were too much available to get too much amount of content infront of our brain and brain starts reacting to them by expressing emotions.

This tampers, confuse and actually waters down the “life time of an emotion”

Life time of an emotion

I think I got a better headline now. Yes. Life time of an emotion, Compare the life time of your emotions outside your 5 inch world and inside your 5 inch world.

When you feel so happy by watching that cat jumping video for 2 mins, Your brain crawls like a cat to get another happy video in no time. And it continues for a hour. The problem with brain is it always wants more dose of what ever you had so far. Yes.

So you keep scrolling youtube to find more happier video than the last one. This applies to porn too. In no time you get to watch some motivational video about time management, goals, TED. And then you switch to learning curve to watch how a jet engine works, why there are no dolphins in Sudan.

Thats for Youtube and you got control over WHAT to watch next. But facebook and twitter treats you like a monkey in circus. They feed what their code things you should be sucking now. They show you a joke video, cute flower photo, some quote of a buried legend, your ex’s happy photo, your boss’s trip photo, another fucked up selfie.

Interval to switch between emotions in timelines are very TINY

So this gives your brain a little time to switch between another emotion because your next post is already on screen and you are 1/8 of a second to view it.

How the hell it affects my brain?

Well, Can you get such great different type of emotion triggers with any real life persons? NO. NEVER unless Jim Carry & Trump delivers a baby and you live with all 3 of them in Vatican.

So, Your brain gets used to suck more content in less time and practiced to emit more motions into your fingers. So your fingers react by pressing buttons.

This will eventually mess your quality time with real people and you will hardly smile or do any facial expressions as your brain is learning to react the emotions only by fingers slowly.

How to handle this problem in 7 steps?

Schedule the time you will be spending on any timelines. Just once a day. as per my research Dump taking time is the best. Coz you cannt sit too long with that smell, You will feel unproductive for the minutes you spend there. And you cannt find a mobile charger over there.

Me? I just installed rescuetime and tracking my time and as Im typing this, I am successfully away from facebook for last 18 days.

I didnt blocked it by hosts file or dns. I am preventing myself to NOT to see it at all in all 3 of my devices. And yes. I am away 100% for last 18 days. But honestly youtube is eating my time and I am working on it as well :)

So realize the problem and STOP sticking your eyes on ANY timelines and control your brain emotions by spending more time with REAL PEOPLE.

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