Back at it again ; Andela Bootcamp 9 : Day 1.

Yes. Just in case you missed my all day bootcamp summaries, I guess am back at it again.

The last time I was putting up a post, my palms were sweaty from the anxiety of project presentation day. I barely could fathom what I was writing let alone break it down coherently.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make the cut last time into the fellowship. Shout out to the 8 member team that made it to fellowship: Lolo, Hannah, Magana, Morris, Bernard, Jimmy and Victor. It was well deserved (all though, you guys are terrible at leading warm ups. Guess, I have lost our vote now,)

As you would expect, am fired up this time to pick up where I left especially regarding the numerous mistakes I made along the way and into project week. If you aren’t learning, your probably dead. There is no way to ease into that. : D

Today was a great day nonetheless, getting to know all 45 of my new fellow bootcampers was a great experience though it’s really nerve-wrecking imagining tomorrow might be the last day we hang out as a group. Things have indeed changed. The warm-ups, the breakout sessions, the hackathons, nostalgia 101. Its back to team #TIA

On to day 2!

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