Day 2 : Meeting the Andelans.

So let me start off by saying day 2 was no pressure at all. I mean some of us are getting cut tomorrow so how could I possibly be feeling pressured?

Just in case we are not on the same page.

So by now, you know Andela is a really cool community with even cooler people. So I decided to share some of the unique qualities I picked out from some of them:

  1. Alex (Cohort 2) — For some reason, Alex thinks am a douche. I have no idea why though. The only person I know to have been in 25 schools in his primary stage of education. No kidding.

From our interaction, I got to pick a few interesting qualities from him regarding certain perspectives, especially in the context of Andela. For him, a large part of the people he has interviewed have made it based on how much they are willing to learn as opposed to what they know and he holds that pretty steadfastly, I tend to believe even in his own life. He was thoroughly engaging and encouraging and shared what he thought was the best way to get through: Believe in yourself.

2. Ruth (Boot camper)

Ruth for one is pretty bold as she reached out to me and that sparked a great conversation between the two of us. Having applied before and not having made it like myself, we had something in common from the get go. She shared her experiences from the 7th Boot camp and what she thought was the reason she didn’t make it. The nerves for her were a factor, and it wasn’t surprising considering they wrecked me too. I could tell she does have a lot of spirit and was able to engage me on what I learnt from the last boot camp even further probing to see if she could leverage some of the lessons I had for this boot camp. If your reading this its too late (I had to do that). But sincerely, shout out to Ruth.

3. Jimmy (Cohort 8)

If Alex is reading this, now here is the real douche.

Jimmy was the first person to say my project last time was pathetic, which I came to agree with. So points for being brutally honest, 10/10.

But other than that, he is also outgoing and a great guy to hold a conversation with.

I really hope I make it to week to so I can show him his feedback was well received.

4. Arnold (Boot camper)

So this Strathmore University lad says he is tired of the life there and wants to find greener pastures. Being from a public university myself, you don’t say Arnold! (if your reading this Arnold, your a cool guy). Please refer to my earlier image for more reference.

That aside, it is a pleasure getting to know Arnold. We met on the first day at the entrance to the Dojo because we couldn’t figure out that we needed to scan the bar codes on our guest tags the right way up instead of up side down. That calls for a good laugh. Really fun to hang around and exchange thoughts with, Arnold has quite a bit going on for himself and I must say, he really helped ease the tension on day one. Shout Out!

5. Jackson Saya — Soft Skills Trainer at Andela.

Jackson interrupted my lunch to ask about my passion to change the music scene locally from the brown bags we had in class. It is humbling when someone takes the time to listen to your ideas regardless of how far fetched they may seem, not to mean they were. Am yet to get feedback on that though

From the class to outside, he is pretty encouraging as a person and knows how to get a conversation going especially in regards to making it as lively as possible. He genuinely seeks to improve all of us as boot campers which I think is awesome.

Great guy, and very moving story of how he survived 5 near death experiences when he was just 6 years old!

As you apply to Andela, these are the people you are most likely to meet. #TIA