The wedding is two weeks away. While i haven’t written weekly diary, I forgot many important moments. My recent story isn’t fierce as before and I could be free from stress for a while. Now, I’m trying to remember some event occurred to me. A story came out. I went to Hae-hwa for watching musical ‘Line 1’. It was 12 years ago when i was really impressed by my life’s first musical. After entering university, I revisited the theater but it already stopped running with the history of 4k play count. I found 3 month special play of musical while…

On Sunday, I migrated personal blog to medium platform. The personal server have been turned down for a week and crashed after updating it. I tried to find the reason but it was so hard to recover destroyed configuration. So, I gave up to recover it and migrated recovered post to medium. After that, I met a friend in Anam-dong to give wedding invitation. There were some jobs to do and i handled it in there.

On Monday, I was in bad condition. So, I took a rest at home. At night, I met someone to give wedding invitation. My…

This post is just telling my weekly events and thoughts. It could be incorrect because i wrote it to learn english writing. Also, the contents in this post are totally mine. They aren’t related to my organization.

The power of imagination is infinite.

In this week, Doraemon episodes were popular among the online communities. With this fashion, short stories of him were spread out a lot. Those works were made in 1969 when 50year earlier than now and it is very surprising.

AI technology have been catching up human. The future when human is superior only in imagination is coming…

I spent this week for meeting many people. I met mainly people who are not engineer in the company and I felt that they are far superior in social terms.

I asked lots of in curios questions but I’m not sure whether it was good conversation or not. A person might feel like extension of work in lunch time. My recent interest is very little to have conversation with subject which is unrelated to the company. There are too few recent interests to have conversation with subject which is unrelated to the company.

There is really nothing except play-off. Various…

In this week, I started to assign detailed goal to each days. To do that, I need to see list of jobs at a glance and make them structured in a sequence way. I have written record of day by listing TODO of yesterday and today or updating it.

There was no extra time to study english. I listen TED repeatedly and read recommended book during spare time. There was little progress in reading and writing. But wasn’t in listening and speaking, because i rarely did in my work.

I spent today doing almost nothing. Except checking result which i…

On everyday, I notice a new reason why i’m inferior to others. It maybe because i haven’t coded program that much and majored computer science. I could understand the reason but couldn’t stuck in this situation for a long time.

Despite of efforts, ordinary people could fail to catch up others. It would be useless discussing about how much time they spent for work. Only the performance proves everything. Others are just lame excuses.

Time is the most valuable resource which i can use. Someone said that amount of time is equally given to everyone. It is totally false. Who…


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