Moving workspace from the office to the home can be challenging. The two environments are (typically) configured for polar opposite behaviour — offices for work, productivity, and collaboration; homes for avoiding work, relaxing, and a degree of solitude.

As such, I’ve found a simple bit of additional attention to how things are going can have a large impact on your quality of work and balance with life.

Staying Accountable

Retrospectives are a well known part of the agile development process (and debriefs of other forms can be seen across all sorts of operational environments). …

As we enter the concluding stages of the European Championships and the dust begins to settle on a phenomenal summer of sport, this post explores some of the approaches BBC Sport and BBC Live use to serve rich digital experiences at scale to our audience as the action unfolds.

This summer tens of millions of us found ourselves entranced by the beautiful game, action from the courts of Wimbledon, and the best in Europe competing across a variety of sports in Glasgow and Berlin. For many this meant a trip to the local pub, fan festival, or just the living…

For me, university was a bit of a broken promise. Throughout school the assurance is that you study a broad range of things of varying appeal and interest in order to land in a university where you can study what appeals to you. Open days draw you in with modules that only surface in the closing stages of your degree, if at all. Those topics and modules that appear brightest and most appealing have all the joy sucked out of them by lecturers who find lecturing a waste of their time. …

Mark Woosey

Socially distanced software engineer @ McLaren Racing, technophile, gig-goer, bobblehat, and fair-weather cyclist.

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