Bad Design: Bucknell Housing Website

This year I am in a single room and therefore do not have any roommate. I remembered that in the last couple years Bucknell is trying to incorporate a new website for managing their housing “My Home”:

This website is functioning decently well I believe until I went to the roommate agreement. I was wondering what would show up when I clicked on that tab since I am living in a single.

It came up with a description of my room and asked if I wanted to save and continue which of course I said yes to. The website then proceeded to try and get me to sign a roommate agreement… I do not have a roommate so it does not make sense for me to sign a roommate agreement with no one.

No need to read all of this

The next page would ask me to fill out information about my sleeping and studying habits. It would ask about how I would settle disputes with the roommate which I do not have. At this point I was laughing as I filled out joke answers about how I would not put up with my roommate touching my personal items.

This is indicative of a bad design since the system is unable to detect that no roommate agreement is necessary due to the fact that I live in a single.

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