Good Design: Bucknell Banner Web Book Ordering

Ordering books is an important step at the beginning of every year. The easiest system for finding the books which will be necessary for the year, I have found is to actually be the banner web system. It is not the easiest to navigate but the results make it worth it.

The Student Information tab of Banner Web

By going to the Student Information tab and then clicking on “Your Registration” you will be able to find information about the classes that you are registered to.

Information about classes and schedules

The “Course Schedule and Textbook Ordering” link is the focus of this post as it is easily one of the most helpful features on all of Banner web.

Information about my current course load

The website will list off all of your courses and some additional information about them such as professor, time, classroom, and the number of credits for the course. It is a simple design that works well to convey important information. The button on the bottom “Order Textbooks Online” will take you to Barnes and Noble with a list of every book that you will need for the semester.

It is also nice because it lets you know which courses do not require any text books. I found this to be a very good design because I always get my books from Barnes and Noble and I could just go through the list and buy them all. Without this design I would of had to go to each class page and find the required book and then search for that book through the Barnes and Noble website. This is a good design although navigating Banner Web is not easy as always.

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